Riyadh celebrates the march of Abdullah Al-Ruwaished in “A Night of Bad Nights”

Khaled Al-Sheikh: He became an extraordinary ambassador for the song…and honoring him can only be in Saudi Arabia

One of the rainy nights of Riyadh carried exceptional moments and an evening honoring the artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, the ambassador of the Arabic song, and his long artistic career.

Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, said that the great artist Al-Ruwaishid is one of the historical voices in the Gulf and the pillars of Arab art, and the artists Al-Ruwaishid and Abdul Karim Abdel-Qader are among the first Kuwaiti artists, welcoming an audio interview from New York broadcast live at the venue of the ceremony. Guests from Kuwait and the Gulf who enjoy the evening’s details.

Before the start of the generous ceremony with surprises, the Kuwaiti Art Band presented a group of folkloric performances, which took the audience on a tour of the Kuwaiti artistic offering, which has always had its different imprint, and left its impact on the Gulf countries and the region.

The artist Al-Ruwaishid appeared in his first appearance during the evening, amid a warm welcome and applause from the audience, to release the details of the honorary evening that celebrated his career and giving, and artists from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia appeared to share some lyrical links with him.

The artist Al-Ruwaishid welcomed the large audience that filled the “Muhammad Abdo Arena” theater, and expressed his pleasure at seeing the Riyadh audience, thanks to the evening organized by the Entertainment Authority, and began singing his list with the song “My Trip” and “My Heart Is With You”, before his friends from joined him. Artists to celebrate their artistic career in a grand historic ceremony.

The first artistic duets of the Al-Ruwaishid concert began, with the artist Nawal Al-Kuwaiti, who starred in the songs “Habib Al-Qalbi” and “Excuse Me”, and surrounded the audience in a world of amazement and beauty, saying that the Al-Ruwaishid artist is the soul of Kuwait, adding: “You cannot be late. About Abu Khaled’s party and his invitation to revive and honor his evening.

Khaled Sheikh and Abdullah Al-Ruwaished

After that, the evening witnessed the appearance of the artist Khaled Al-Sheikh, whose name has long been associated with the artist Al-Ruwaishid, and they participated in building a distinguished artistic experience. for the Arabic song. After that, the story of singing continued with harmonious singing and a harmonious performance between the Sheikh and Al-Ruwaished.

And then the artist Ali bin Muhammad appeared, who described Riyadh at the beginning of his lyrical connection as an “icon of art,” and shared singing with Al-Ruwaishid with titles that appeared 3 decades ago, and are still alive, juicy, and filled with the energy of rapture and joy.

In the course of the ceremony, the Entertainment Authority honored the artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished for what he presented throughout his artistic career, and Ahmed Al-Mahmadi, the Executive Vice President of the Authority, presented an honorary shield to the artist on stage, in appreciation and appreciation for his great role in developing the Gulf song, as part of the details of “A Night of Bad Nights.” And to celebrate the ambassador of the Arabic song.

After that, Al-Ruwaishid appeared with the artist Aseel Abu Bakr, and they participated in singing one of the compositional masterpieces of the late artist Abu Bakr Salem, and they presented the song “There is no one comfortable”, along with a number of other titles that they collected in an innovative melody or an expressive single.

The last appearance of the artist was Khaled Al-Mulla, amid the applause of the audience, and the company of the star of the evening and its hero, the artist Al-Ruwaishid, began presenting a group of joint songs that spread a great sense of humanity, joy and interaction, and turned the stage into a world of adoration.

At the end of the night, the artist Al-Ruwaishid offered a greeting of love, appreciation and gratitude to Saudi Arabia, which hosted the night of his honor and his historical career, and to the audience of the “Muhammad Abdo Arena” theater, which was at the night’s level of interaction, communication and love.

Nawal Al Kuwaiti and Ruwaished

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