Romantic love images end with separation. Female artists’ divorce cases in 2022

From time to time, the artistic community witnesses many cases of separation and divorce, which are at the forefront of search engines and social networking sites.

The year 2022 was full of celebrity divorces in the Arab world and the world, some of which took place in complete calm, while others exchanged accusations through their accounts.

Jasmine Chief

In February 2022, the Egyptian actress, Yasmine Rais, announced, through her official Twitter account, her separation from director Hadi El-Bagoury, after a 12-year love story.

And she wrote: “And if they intend to divorce, then God is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.” .. God the Great is true.. Praise be to God for everything.. Ten long, but it did not last.

This came a few days after the statements of director Hadi Al-Bagouri, in a television program, in which he confirmed that he feels happy when the audience says about him “the actress’s husband”, and he does not mind that his wife performs scenes of kisses.

But “Rais” surprised her followers, two months after the separation, by announcing her return to her ex-husband again, and she published a video with him to the tune of the song “La Vie En Rose”, and she only commented on the video with “hearts” emoji, referring to the return of life between them.

Sulaf Fwakhergy

In April 2022, the Syrian artist, Sulaf Fawakherji, surprisingly announced her separation from the Syrian artist and director, Wael Ramadan, after many years of love and marriage.

Unusually, Slav decided to announce the news of her separation in a different way from the rest of the artists, and published a picture that she collected with her divorce, accompanied by verses of poetry and romantic expressions about the love relationship that she will continue to gather with him, stressing that he will remain her friend and the father of her children.

Yasmine Sabry

In May, the star, Yasmine Sabry, suddenly deleted all the photos that she collected with the Egyptian businessman, Ahmed Abu Hashima, after she was keen to share with her followers all her moments and the events that she gathered with him.

Yasmine confirmed to local media, in her first statement after the separation, that the separation between her and Abu Hashima had already taken place in calm and respect, adding that she had all the affection for him, and did not reveal the reason for the separation.


The famous Colombian singer Shakira separated from Barcelona star Gerard Pique in June 2022, after they had a wonderful love story that lasted about 12 years, and this relationship resulted in two children, “Milan” and “Sasha”.

The relationship between Shakira and the Barcelona defender suddenly became tense, and news spread that a major crisis had occurred between them, due to Pique’s betrayal.

The duo issued a statement, saying that they regretted confirming the news of the separation, which was necessary for the sake of the interest of their two children because they are their top priority, demanding respect for privacy and understanding of the situation.

Menna Arafa

The young artist, Menna Arafa, announced the news of her divorce, on July 28, 2022, through her personal account on the “Instagram” website, in a short sentence, in which she said: “The divorce was officially completed … and may God grant success to everyone.” Minutes after the news was published, she deleted all the photos that were She reunites with her ex-husband.

Menna Arafa had officially announced her affiliation with the artist Mahmoud Al Mahdi, in June 2021, and after the marriage contract and during preparation for the wedding ceremony, a major problem occurred between them, and the separation took place for the first time.

It was reported at the time that the reason for the duo’s disagreement was Al-Mahdi’s objection to a scene that brings together Menna and the artist, Mohamed Nagati, in one of the dramas.

Days after the first separation, reconciliation took place between them and the couple returned again, but in March 2022 the second divorce occurred, as Mahmoud Al Mahdi announced his separation from his wife, the young artist Menna Arafa, and the two parties kept silent about the reason, until the last separation occurred in July. Past.

Sherine Abdel Wahab

In July 2022, the Egyptian actress Sherine Abdel Wahab revealed new details about the scenes of her divorce crisis from the artist Hossam Habib, which took place at the end of 2021.

The Egyptian artist said, in a telephone conversation with the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, in her program “One Last Word”, which is broadcast on the “On” satellite channel: “Hossam stole Arabic from the front of my house, and took advantage of my presence on the coast and stole it. I am going to be treated for its effects on me, because this is a dangerous person.”

She confirmed that she was severely humiliated by his hand, so she hopes to get rid of him, because he does not work and, as she put it, “hereditary unemployed”, and he imprisoned her in the house, adding: “I wish the Egyptian and Arab people to piss on Hossam Habib when he sees him.”

A few weeks ago, the Egyptian artist announced her marriage to the artist Hossam Habib, in her first interview after leaving an addiction treatment hospital.

Ayten Amer

At the beginning of August, social networking sites were buzzing with the news of the divorce of the Egyptian artist, Ayten Amer, from the director of photography, Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab, which happened in complete calm.

Mouths fell on the call to prayer, and social media activists began searching for the reason for this sudden divorce, especially since they had been living a life full of friendship and love for 7 years.

Sources close to them confirmed that the divorce took place between them due to family differences, stressing that the divorce took place some time ago, but the couple, despite the spread of many news about their divorce, did not declare either confirmation or denial.

The artist, Wafaa Amer, the sister of the artist, Ayten Amer, commented on the news of the separation in one of the television programs, and she said: “I was refusing to separate, but everything is a division and a share.

The world of Batma

The divorce of the Moroccan actress, Donia Batma, and the Bahraini producer, Mohamed Turk, sparked a great controversy on social media, especially since this duo was famous for the love story that brought them together and for the romantic images that indicate the love relationship between them.

Batma revealed the reasons for the separation, confirming that his betrayal of her with a young Moroccan woman was the reason for the tension in the relationship between them, which Muhammad Turk denied more than once.

“Turk” tried to mend his relationship with his wife before the separation occurred, and sent her a letter of apology asking for his forgiveness, saying: “It is men’s habit to apologize, even if they are not wrong.”

The Moroccan artist refused to reconcile, and their dispute reached the courts, and confirmed her insistence on moving forward with legal procedures and not giving up what she considered her right.

Nisreen Tafesh

In late September, the Syrian actress Nisreen Tafesh raised controversy regarding her separation from cosmetic expert Dr. Sherif El Sharkawy.

And the Syrian artist wrote, through the “Story” feature on her account on the “Instagram” website: “Retire from what hurts you,” while canceling her follow-up to her husband and deleting all their photos together.

On November 21, Dr. Sharif Al-Sharqawi ended the controversy over his separation from Nisreen Tafesh, and officially announced their separation, through his personal account on the “Instagram” website, during his response to a follower’s question.

The beautician said that the divorce took place peacefully between them, stressing that the lack of agreement is a natural thing between people, and added that he respects Nisreen Tafesh, and this is the most important thing.

Hala Sidqi

The Egyptian artist, Hala Sidqi, is the last case of divorce in the year 2022 in the artistic community, and she was divorced in November / November by order of the Egyptian judiciary, after the end of a number of mutual cases between them.

A divorce took place between her and Sameh Sami, after a long love story that ended in marriage in 2007, and this marriage resulted in the birth of twins, Maryam and Samo.

The differences between them go back to 2020, after her ex-husband accused her of seizing a piece of land at a price of 8 million pounds, and using the power of attorney to sell the land without his knowledge, and also accused her of using another woman’s eggs to cause pregnancy, and demanded a DNA analysis of the two children.

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