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A recent report issued by the US Department of Defense (The Pentagon), Thursday, revealed that hundreds of new sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been recorded.

The UFO tracking report included about 400 additional sightings during the past year (2022), including “new sightings or old sightings,” which raised the total number of sightings of these objects to more than 500, according to the “Site” website.CBS News”.

US intelligence is studying more than 500 reports of unidentified flying objects, according to the report, which indicated that a large number of these objects are nothing but drones or balloons, while the nature of about a hundred of them is still unknown.

At least 247 unknown atmospheric phenomena have been observed since the last report issued by the US intelligence in June 2021, in which it stated that it was studying at that time 144 reports of unidentified flying objects.

The report pointed out that 119 reports of mysterious flying objects were recorded, which were discovered from old archives dating back more than twenty years, bringing the total number of reports to 510.

US intelligence indicated that most of the new phenomena were monitored by elements of the US Navy and US Air Force.

About 200 of these phenomena met ordinary explanations, whether they were just balloons, drones, birds, weather-related phenomena, or plastic bags floating in the air.

But no explanation has yet been given for other objects, according to the intelligence report, which is an unclassified version of the report issued by Congress.

Unexplained objects are under scrutiny from the Pentagon, US intelligence and the US Space Agency (NASA), for fear that they are spying tools belonging to adversary countries.

The report emphasized that “weather phenomena of an unspecified nature still pose a threat to aviation safety, and represent a potential threat to intelligence gathering” from hostile countries.

And in June, NASA announced the launch of a multi-month investigation centered on these flying objects that move in the atmosphere either naturally or very quickly.

In November 2021, the Pentagon established an office charged with collecting and analyzing information on flying objects, in the face of increasing pressure from Congress in this regard.

Washington expresses concern about China’s spying capabilities through the use of drones or other flying objects.

“We take reports of violations of our land, sea and air space very seriously and analyze each one,” Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder said in a statement Thursday.

In a vivid example of witnessing such objects, Narrated by a Saudi fighter pilotWednesday, the story of his “clash with a strange object” in the skies of Saudi Arabia 29 years ago during a training mission.

A retired Major General Pilot, Fahd Al-Atawi, talked about his strange experience during “One Program with Jassim”, which was presented by the Saudi journalist, Jassim Al-Othman.

Al-Atawi said in the meeting, which lasted about 40 minutes, that he did not yet know what this strange body was, which he clashed with during the night.

He added that there were witnesses from his colleagues to this incident, and that he wrote it down in a record of flight operations as a “UFO” (flying saucers).

He explained, “At night they were flying, and I came across a need for this watch. I don’t know what it is. Was it a plane that confronted me? Is it a UFO (a flying saucer)? Is there a genie? I don’t know!”

He continued, “Witnesses with me on another plane and my colleagues (…) saw the accident in the training area (…) and I recorded it in the flight hours log (for the pilots).”

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