She did not say, “Our battery lasts longer.” Casio’s real comment on Shakira and Pique’s song

Social media pages circulated tweets that were said to be Cassio’s response to Shakira’s new song, which included a reference to the company in the context of her criticism of her former life partner, player Gerard Pique.

It is true that the Japanese company commented on what was mentioned in the song, but the circulating tweets mocking the Colombian singer were not issued by Casio.

The circulating publications included two pictures of two English-language tweets from an account called “Casio” on Twitter.

And in the first tweet, it can be read, “Shakira, we may not be Rolex, but it is clear that our customers are loyal to us.”

“In defense of Casio watches, our battery lasts longer than Pique and Shakira,” the second tweet read.

Casio is a Japanese electronics manufacturer whose products include watches, calculators, and mobile phones.

Shakira attacks Pique

The spread of these tweets comes after the Colombian star, Shakira, released last week a song in which she attacked her former life partner, soccer player Gerard Pique, after their separation. The work, which was listened to 34 million times in less than 24 hours, sparked wide reactions from netizens.

The lyrics of the song “BZRP Music Session # 53”, which was written in collaboration with the famous Argentine producer Bizarab, attacked Pique and his new girlfriend, 23-year-old Spanish Clara Xia.

“You go to the gym a lot, take care of your brain too. You traded your Ferrari for a Twingo and your Rolex for a Casio. I won’t go back to you even if you cry and beg me,” the lyrics say, which are overpowered by electronic music with Latin beats.

Fact Publications

However, the tweets circulated were not issued by the official accounts of the “Casio” company.

A search for the @CasioOficial account appearing in the misleading Facebook posts leads to an unofficial account that was newly created this January.

This account posted the tweet on the misleading posts on Facebook, but in Spanish.

Image of the rolling post

Image of the rolling post

The account called “CASIO™” is also not affiliated with the company and posted the tweets used in posts (1, 2, 3) in Spanish on January 13, 2023 after the song was released.

The account explicitly indicates in the geographical location feature that it is a satirical account, and most of it published satirical tweets about Shakira’s new song.

Casio commented?

The official account of the “Casio” company did not comment on the subject of the controversial song, but the account of its Spanish-speaking educational department posted a tweet in which it said: “Today we received a number of notifications about the mention of Casio in a song. Casio products (watches, keyboards, and calculators) They are products for a lifetime.

The account published a tweet denying its connection to a group of accounts, including the “CASIO™” account, stressing that the statements published in it are not official.

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