She took revenge on Pique and healed her anger with her mother-in-law.. Shakira makes a fortune from her song

The proverb says, “So and so hit two birds with one stone,” which is a metaphor for having gained two spoils at the same time, but it seems that the artist, Shakira, has killed 3 birds with one stone. With her new song that sparked controversy.

The Colombian singer of Lebanese origin was able to restore her consideration, according to what is understood from the context of her publications, as the song carried “sarcastic” hints against her former life partner, Gerard Pique, the retired Barcelona player, and she also reaped record numbers of views and financial profits, and Shakira also attacked the mother of a player. Barcelona formerly, by placing a large doll resembling a witch in black clothes standing on a broomstick on the balcony of her house in Barcelona, ​​​​which directly overlooks Pique’s mother’s house.

Pique and Shakira

Pique and Shakira

Within just 24 hours of its release on YouTube, last Thursday, Shakira’s new song has garnered 66 million views, and as of writing the news, it has achieved more than 132 million views, making it one of the most viewed songs in Spanish-speaking regions.

In one of the clips of the song, Shakira says, mocking Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique, with whom she separated last year: “I traded a Ferrari for a (Renault) Twingo. I traded a Rolex watch for a Casio watch.”

Mughniyeh also declared: “You have become out of your league, and this explains why you are with a person like you.. I got on another plane and I will not return here, because I do not want more disappointments.”

The lyrics of the song, which were dominated by electronic music with Latin rhythms, also came, “You go to the gym a lot, take care of your mind, too. (..) I will not return to you even if you cry and beg me.”

In turn, former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique responded, in his own way, to the song by contracting with the Casio watch company to sponsor the Kings League, which he recently launched, and he also drove a cheap Twingo car.

According to media reports, the song brought Colombian singer Shakira financial profits amounting to 512,000 dollars on YouTube, 500,000 dollars on Amazon, 360,000 dollars on Spotify, and 1,200,000 dollars on Apple.

During the “El Programa de Ana Rosa” programme, Shakira’s earnings account was collected from her last three songs, targeting her ex-boyfriend and retired Barcelona captain Gerard Pique.

Shakira collected about $ 15 million from the three songs, to turn the separation and controversy between her and her ex-boyfriend Pique into success in the artistic field, through which she reaps huge financial profits.

Pique, in turn, benefited from being targeted by Shakira in the field of organizing the Kings League, to obtain important financial support, sponsorships, and huge advertisements for his new competition.

black witch

But Shakira was not satisfied with all this, as he also apparently wanted to heal her anger from her former mother-in-law, according to the accounts of a neighbor in the area, who confirmed that she played her new song with DJ Bizarrap, very loudly to reach her home, and she repeated the song successive times with A large doll resembling a witch in black clothes remains on the balcony.

On the other hand, Pique’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, noticed a terrifying doll on the balcony of Shakira’s home in Barcelona.

Journalist Marc Lerado Milan also told the Spanish program Mas Vale Tarde that Pique’s mother even asked one of the individuals to turn the doll so as not to face their house directly, which is located on the same street, indicating that this situation has been going on for several weeks.

“A few weeks ago, I received some information that Pique’s mother was concerned about an alleged ritual performed on her with a black witch, but I did not give it any other importance,” Lerrado wrote on his social media pages.

Although Pique’s mother asked for it to be removed, Shakira apparently ordered it back to a place that would make her ex-partner’s family feel uncomfortable, according to local media.

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