Sheila Sabt appears without makeup after her return from Riyadh and reveals the reason

In the video, Sheila Sabt appears without makeup after her return from Riyadh, and reveals the reason

June 24:

The Bahraini actress, Sheila Sabt, appeared without a filter or makeup through her personal account on the Snapchat application, explaining that she misses the shape of her face without makeup.
Sheila Sabt published a video in which she sat in front of the camera showing her face without make-up, saying: “This is my face without make-up, from a day where Riyadh is, and I wear make-up every day.”
And Sheila Sabt continued that she did not recognize her face in the woman because of the excessive wearing of makeup, which caused her distress and prompted her to go out without makeup through her account on Snapchat.
Sheila Sabt said: “Makeup, I haven’t seen my face without makeup for a long time. I feel like I knew myself. I saw myself in the mirror.

She explained that she could not go out while in Riyadh without wearing makeup, although she does this in Kuwait and Bahrain
Sheila Sabt commented, “In Riyadh, when I go out, I can’t go out without make-up. It’s not the same as Bahrain and Kuwait. I can look spoiled because the whole world is busy here with prestige and cuteness.”
The Bahraini actress, Shila Sabt, appeared a few days ago in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, with one of her friends while touring the streets of the city.
And Sheila Sabt appeared wandering around the city, with the niqab that she had to wear to hide her features, while touring the markets of the Saudi capital.
Sheila Sabt explained that she was walking around with her friend in the market, and hid her shape so that fans would not flock to her while she was walking.
Sheila Sabt chose to appear with thick eyelashes and blue lenses, indicating that she preferred to change the color of her eyes also under the niqab.
A number of activists interacted with Shaila Sabt’s video with the niqab, and some expressed surprise at her choice to hide her features, as they confirmed that she is an artist and that she must bear the consequences of fame, otherwise why would she work as an actress.
On the other hand, the Bahraini actress recently finished filming her new drama series, “Jana Climbs the Platform”, written by Muhammad Awad Al-Shammari and directed by Muhammad Al-Shuaibi. Sheila Sabt co-starred alongside a group of Arab Gulf stars, such as: Abeer Ahmed, Hamad Al-Qattan, Hala, Fatima Al-Damkhi, and Mishaal Al-Shaya.

Source: Layalina Magazine

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