Sherihan after watching “Charlie” rehearsal: I was the one who was in the exam

The star made sure Sherihan To pay tribute to the makers of the musical show “Charlie”, after she attended for the first time in her history the preparatory rehearsal at the invitation of her friend, the poet Medhat El-Adl, and Sherihan confirmed that she felt while watching that she was in an exam and did not know what she would do if she did not like the show.

Sherihan published the official poster of the play, which is scheduled to be shown within the activities of the Riyadh season 2023, and commented on it with several tweets on her Twitter account, saying: “What would I say if I did not like the rehearsal of the show?!! And what would I do? .. And I cannot slaughter talent and I am not a critic. ?!!.. My agreement to watch Charlie Chaplin and go was a difficult experience for me and not for them and they do not know. Thank God their talent saved me because they were all really creative.

And Sherihan continued, saying: “My poet and my friend told me it is a rehearsal for a musical theater show, the play Charlie Chaplin, and there will be only the working team in the theater .. and the play is close to completion and the show .. I really said? I mean, the actor will act, sing and dance? And the dancer will dance, act and sing? And the singer will act, dance and sing?!

And she concluded her comment on the preparatory rehearsal by saying: “My heart trembled and I was happy to witness the birth of the experiment, even if the viewing was incomplete.. I agreed without any thought, and my friend Medhat and my poet know that it is not my habit at all.. Today I would like to say to all of them, you made my heart happy with a theatrical step that was delayed but achieved, everyone Create without the ego, and the most important thing is that it is all in one.

It is noteworthy that the hero of the show, artist Mohamed Fahim, celebrated a few days ago Sherihan’s visit to the preparatory rehearsal, and revealed the first pictures of the visit, stressing his keenness not to announce it in advance. He also chose Sherihan to appear in the pictures from her back to excite the audience about the rest of the surprise details.

Mohamed Fahim celebrates Sherihan’s visit – the photo from his Facebook account

Fahim added, through his Facebook account: “God is great, praise be to God, and there is no power or strength except with God, from the rehearsal of the musical show Charlie On, Charlie Chaplin, and the presence of history. “.

And he continued: “Thank you, the great writer, Dr. Medhat Al-Adl, and the great producer, Professor Gamal Al-Adl, for your great gift, and thank you (Cinema) Company, Professor Ahmed Fahmy and Professor Hani Naguib, for your support and realization of my dream, Charlie, who remains our dream for all of us, Charlie very soon in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the world Arabs and all countries, God willing.

The play Charlie Chaplin, written by Medhat El-Adl, directed by Ahmed El-Bohey, starring Mohamed Fahim, Nour Qadri, Ayman El-Shiwy, Dalia El-Gendy, singer Hani Mostafa, Rowan El-Ghab, in addition to fifty other young actors and dancers. Composition by Ihab Abdel-Wahed, and distribution by Nader Hamdy, performance design by Amr Patrick, clothes by Reem El Adl, decor by Hazem Sheil, accessories by Dr. Mohamed Saad.

The star, Sherihan, is preparing to repeat the experience of the success of her latest theatrical show, “Coco Chanel”, by presenting a new play written by the poet Medhat Al-Adl, the details of which will not be disclosed at present, but “Madam Net” learned that the play has been agreed on the outlines of the dramatic treatment, provided that the play begins. It will be implemented immediately after the end of the Egyptian series season for Ramadan 2023.

After the success of the “Coco Chanel” show, Sherihan received several offers to present a short TV drama via encrypted digital platforms, or to star in a movie, but she tends to repeat the musical theater experience, and she already has more than one idea that was to be implemented during her contract with the El Adl Group company, but The final decision will not be announced by Sherihan until all details of the work have been completed.

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