Stars sang for Al-Sa’ida before Ahmed Shabiya, most notably Hakim, Al-Laithi and Donia Samir Ghanem

The singer is preparing Ahmed SheebHe will launch a new song entitled “Al-Sa’ida” in the coming days, and he will cooperate during this song with the poet Hisham Al-Jakh, composed by Issam Karika, and distributed by Hamada Samir. The seriousness of the Sa’idah.

Atef Atmouni

Singer Atef Al-Atmanouni, although few know his name, his famous song “Saidi Ya Boy Haq” is one of the most famous songs that were sung in Saida, and this song became one of the folklore songs sung by all singers.

Donia Samir Ghanem

The star, Donia Samir Ghanem, presented a song entitled “Ya People of Upper Egypt”, as part of the events of the series “Badal Al-Hadota Three”, which starred her, and the song achieved nearly 5 million views on the video site “YouTube”.

Ahmed Shaybah

The popular singer Ahmed Shaybah previously presented a song entitled “We Are Al-Sa’ida”, which he presented as part of the events of the series “Eagle of Upper Egypt”, starring the star Mohamed Ramadan, and the song was written by Essam Hajjaj, composed by Tamer Hajjaj, and distributed by Ashraf Al-Prince.

Mahmoud Al-Laithi

The popular singer Mahmoud El-Laithi presented a song entitled “The one whose father is Saidi does not fear”, and the song was presented within the events of the movie “My Dog Dalili” starring Sameh Hussein, Mai Kassab and Ahmed Zaher.



The popular singer Hakim sang a song entitled “Al-Saeed Ya Dawla”, which is a unique song that he presented on his YouTube channel. The song was written by Issam Hajjaj, composed by Tamer Hajjaj, and distributed by Islam Chipsy.

young man

The singer, Al-Shou’aba, Najwan, presented a song entitled “Men of Upper Egypt”, which was written by Abdel Moneim Taha, composed by Moneim, and distributed by Ashraf El-Prince.

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