Tamer Hosni and Basma Bousil welcome the new year in the Holy Land | news

The artist, Basma Bousil, the wife of the artist, Tamer Hosni, shared photos and short videos through her Instagram account.

The duo appeared performing Umrah in the Holy Land at the beginning of the new year.

Basma wrote, commenting on the photos, “Oh God, praise and thanks be to you, as it should be for the glory of your face, the greatness of your authority, and the height of your position.” And she wrote on one of the videos, “I cannot ask for a better beginning,” and on another, “I feel comfortable, praise be to God.”

Tamer Hosni and Basma Bousil perform Umrah rituals
Tamer Hosni and Basma Bousil perform Umrah rituals

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Tamer Hosni and Basma Bousil perform Umrah rituals
Tamer Hosni and Basma Bousil perform Umrah rituals
Tamer Hosni and Basma Bousil perform Umrah rituals

On the other hand, the artist, Tamer Hosni, is preparing his first new songs, which will be released during the coming period.

Tamer Hosni published a new photo of him through his account on the social networking site Instgram and commented, “A beautiful day for everyone. Let’s open it up, God willing, and record the first upcoming songs.”

Recently, the artist, Tamer Hosni, revealed the details of his new movie, which is being prepared during the current period.

In his interview with The Insider in Arabic, Tamer Hosni said that he is only responsible for writing the film and directing Sarah Wafik, who previously directed the movie “Not Me”.

Tamer Hosni added that the film is in the final stages of preparation and handles its story, scenario and dialogue. This comes on the sidelines of his attendance at the opening of one of the projects of his director, Mohamed Yahya.

And recently, Tamer Hosni is currently showing in the cinema the movie “I Love You” with the participation of Hana Al Zahed, Hoda Al Mufti, Medhat Ismail, Hamdi Al Merghany, Shahd Al Shater, and the film is produced by Hossam Hosni, written and directed by Tamer Hosni, in his first directing experiences.

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