The death of Wadih, son of the artist George Wassouf

Artists mourned Wadih, the son of the Syrian artist, George Wassouf, on Friday, who died after undergoing surgery to reduce the stomach.News reports.

And the Lebanese singer Fares Karam wrote on Twitter, “Wadih and Wassouf, may God have mercy on your soul and give patience to the heart of Abu Wadih and Umm Wadih.”

And the Lebanese artist, Elissa, said on Twitter: “The band is very difficult. Oh, Lord, your wisdom is greater, but the separation hurts a lot, and the calamity is great. My heart is with you, Abu Wadih, who bears the name of your son all your life, and now bears the pain of their separation. May God give you strength.”

And the Lebanese journalist, Nishan, wrote on his Twitter page, “Wadih Wassouf al-Ghali.”

Madeleine Matar said on Twitter, “May God have mercy on you, Wadih, and I will be very early,” expressing her “warm condolences to the Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, and the honorable family.”

And Alaa Zalzali wrote, “I don’t know what to write or say about such sad and heartbreaking news. Wadih George and Wassouf, may God have mercy on your soul and make your place in Paradise.”

And the Lebanese actress, Diana Haddad, wrote: “Wadih George Wassouf, oh God, this news is difficult and ugly … May God have mercy on him and give patience to the heart of his family, the heart of our teacher, George Wassouf.”

As for the artist, Walid Tawfiq, he wrote on Twitter, “My heart is sad for the death of Zina Al-Shabab, Wadih Wassouf, and for my life’s friend, my beloved, and my brother, George Wassouf.”

And in the last post, Wadih George Wassouf posted on Instagram a picture that his father gathered with him on the artist’s birthday.

The name of the artist’s son is reliably linked to George Wassouf, who is known as “Abu Wadih”.

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