The first comment from Belqis on the audience’s withdrawal from her concert in Riyadh .. and sends a message to the Saudis • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Actress Belqis Fathi responded to the news about the audience’s withdrawal from her last concert in Riyadh.

Belqis said during a television interview: “The words that were said are incorrect. The Saudi audience has a lot of affection, respect and love between them, and gives the stranger before the relative, so what about when their daughter is standing on the stage?”

And she continued: “It happened that the dates were wrong, and the audience thought that there was a break after the exit of the artist, Muhammad Abdo, and before my entry date, so this led to a state of confusion with the audience.” And she continued: “There were 12 thousand on the stage, even if we assume that a thousand people went out in Theater 11,000″, noting that she does not point fingers at anyone for spreading these rumors.

And about what was rumored about her tension, she said: “This is the news of the compilation that I am nervous. The audience asked me to sing a song and there were 140 performers on the stage without a note for the song, and I waited 5 minutes to tell the band about the song, and this was an embarrassing situation, but I was a professional. She was standing upset and waiting for the audience to see her, because the protocol of art and artists, even if the audience is Bevel, you are enough to sing because the artist is in his place on the stage.

And she added, “Before I left the theater, this news was spread on social media, to plant this idea on people, and they made me a trend behind these things.” And he went on to say, “Mercy, you made me a lot of trend for two days, and from behind the campaigns.. God is the abundance of parties.”

And she sent a message to the Saudis, saying: “I am your daughter, and the social media applications testify that my largest numbers are from Saudi Arabia, and I have large and successful parties. If there are malicious campaigns, ignore them, and there is nothing between you and me but all love, appreciation and respect.”

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