The Lebanese Nour is on a new adventure with Mohamed Heneidy in Nabil El Gemayel’s film, The Beautician

Elaf: The Lebanese star Nour returns to the cinema screen to co-star Mohamed Heneidy, starring in the comedy film Nabil El Gemayel, The Beautician, which is expected to be released in cinemas starting from December 28, 2022.
The film is the idea of ​​​​the artist Mohamed Henedy, written by Amin Gamal and Mohamed Mahrez, and directed by Khaled Merhi. Its events revolve around a comic and teaser framework, about Dr. Nabil, a cosmetic specialist (Mohamed Heneidy), who owns a beauty clinic, and through that clinic he is exposed to many situations, and many comic paradoxes occur between him and Nour.

The company producing the work, “Target Productions,” launched the official promotional poster for the movie, which includes the star Nour, the star Mohamed Heneidy, along with a number of art and comedy stars, including Mohamed Salam, Mahmoud Hafez, Rahma Ahmed, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Mohamed El Sawy.
Nour gained her fame through a strong cinematic debut in Egypt, and she presented many important cinematic roles. Like Friends or Business (2001), How Girls Love You (2003), The First Year of Monsab (2004), in which she collaborated with director Kamela Abu Zekry in her first feature films, then My Angels of Alexandria (2005), then Sayed Al-Atifi (2005), which is the first Absolute starring for singer Tamer Hosni, with whom she also co-starred in Tsbah Ala Khair (2017), in addition to the movie The Hostage (2006), Point of Return (2008), Statement of Account (2007) directed by Amir Ramses in his first feature film, and the psychological drama Meccano (2009). In front of Tim Hassan and Khaled Al-Sawy, and the movie From 30 Years (2016) directed by Amr Arafa.
Nour has appeared in TV dramas since 2005 in the spy series, Agent 1001, in front of the star Mustafa Shaaban. Later, she played roles in many important TV works, such as the famous series Saraya Abdeen in its two seasons (2014 and 2015), and the series Rahim (2018), for which she won the Best Actress Award. At the Arab Satellite Channels Festival, and the Prince series (2020) in front of the star Muhammad Ramadan, Jamal Al-Hareem (2020), and a man’s error (2021) in front of the star Yasser Jalal, and the series Returning Ya Hawa (2022) with Khaled Al-Nabawi, and her latest TV work is the second season of A family theme series, which is now shown on the Shahid platform, and co-starring Majed Al-Kadwani, Rana Rais, Muhammad Shaheen, Sama Ibrahim, Muhammad Radwan, Muhammad Al-Qess.

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