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The Film Committee in Showman will screen the Australian film “Storm Boy” tomorrow

Amman, January 16 – The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation Film Committee will screen tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17, at 6:30 pm, at the foundation’s headquarters in Jabal Amman, and the library branch in Ashrafieh, the Australian film “Storm Boy,” directed by Sean Seat and writer Justin Monjo. Based on a novel by Colin Thiel.

The film tells the story of retired successful businessman Michael Kingley in two times, in his childhood, as he plays Finn Little, and in his old age, as Geoffrey Rush, and the stories of childhood and old age, each of which is related to the environment and the human relationship with it.

Michael the boy was living on a remote beach with his father, after the death of his mother and sister, and he was suffering from loneliness, until he met an elderly Australian named Fingerbone (played by Trevor Jameson), and before they had the opportunity to talk, they heard the sound of guns that kill pelicans Abu Grab, then he learns Michael, the Aboriginal legend who predicts a storm that will come if swans are killed, takes chicks whose breadwinners were killed by hunters, and tries to take care of them.

Michael’s relationship with these swans, and the effects of overfishing on the environment, plays a decisive role in his choices in life, as he seeks with his father to turn the place into a natural reserve for swans, and affects his enrollment in the school he lives with his father far from. In the other story, he is trying to restore his granddaughter’s relationship with her father, who is inviting investment offers for a project against which environmentalists stand.

It is not strange for a director of a TV drama like Sean Sett to touch the feelings of viewers with a story that revolves around animals and childhood, but what is really amazing is his ability to manage wild swans so skillfully, as he resorts to computer graphics, perhaps only once in an exciting scene where the life of the father is at stake.

The TV director’s passion for literature and cinema made him reproduce the novel “Storm Boy” by Colin Thiel, through the text of Justin Mongo, and the novel originally refers within it to another novel by Nobel Prize winner for literature William Golding called Lord of the Flies, which discusses the failure of human culture in the natural environment It is from them that Michael the boy derives the name of the pelican.

The film is considered one of the films for young people, and it won the Flynn Festival Award for Children and Youth Films, and it was also nominated for a number of other awards. The writer chooses the segment he narrates from the fictional text with great craftsmanship, while the director takes advantage of his distinctive ability to build a drama close to the TV viewer, with a high cinematic breath, to tell the story of Michael the Child with techniques coming from the world of cinema more than it is from television, and perhaps the film lacked lighting on the dimensions Other characters in the story of retired Michael, as for the story of Michael the boy, it is an intercession for him that the story is originally told through the eyes of a young boy, or rather an elderly person who remembers his boyhood days.

The film raises issues of environment, family, unity, childhood, and the role of the grandfather in a child’s life. Perhaps the strangest thing about the film is its sudden warmth, despite the strange absence of the mother in the film, which seems to be a symbol of something.

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