The twins stole the spotlight from me and my wife, Haifa.. “I’m thinking of banning them from social media.”

Emirati actor and director, Habib Ghuloom, said that his twin sons, “Jawaher and Sultan,” enjoy a large audience on social media, noting that followers are always asking to publish their videos, joking by saying: “I am thinking of preventing them from social until I return, and my wife, Haifa Hussein, takes the spotlight.” .”

Ghuloom added to “Fuchsia”: “The public loves the twins very much and tells us that we are tired of you, we want videos of them. The twins really pulled the rug out from under our feet.”

The Emirati actor considered that raising twins is a beautiful and benign suffering, especially since they made the bonds of love and relationship between him and his wife, Haifa Hussein, much deeper, commenting: “We Gulf people have always believed that children connect husband and wife.”

He revealed that his daughter Jawaher has been a troublemaker since she was in her mother’s womb, stressing that the doctor has always told them that she will be an “extraordinary” child, pointing out that he will not prevent her and her brother Sultan from entering the artistic field because he believes in the role of art, so he said: “I am in this milieu.” My wife and I also, thank God, are walking well, our relationship is good, our name has a reputation, and my children, I do not fear for them. From my personal convictions, I support my children entering art to preserve our heritage, especially as we are staunch defenders of values, morals, and good ideals in art, and therefore we need someone to preserve it.”

Habib Ghuloom touched on his wife Haifa Hussein’s decision to move away from the artistic scene a little earlier, and explained that she made this decision because she wanted to devote all her time to raising the twins, stressing that she returned gradually after the twins had grown up and reached three years.

Ghuloom said: “A while ago she was in Kuwait to film her scenes in the new work, and I myself took care of the two boys. She is currently in Bahrain for the work that brings us together.”

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