“Trio Riyadh” receives 2023, loaded with promises and hopes for the future

An exceptional night witnessed by the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and the audience of the “Muhammad Abdo Arena” theater on the verge of the new year 2023, when it was decorated with the voices of 13 male and female artists who participated in the creation of an exquisite lyrical painting, which was a generous reception of beauty for a promising new year loaded with hopes and dreams.

Participated in the revival of the “Trio Arab Night” night within the activities of the “Third Riyadh Season” were: Najwa Karam, Assi Al-Hillani, Wael Kfoury, Saber Al-Rubai, Nancy Ajram, Nawal Al-Zoghbi, Latifa Al-Tunisi, Asala Nasri, Bahaa Sultan, Angham, Elisa, And Walid Tawfiq, singing innovative duets, and trio trios sung with their voices together for the first time, in the largest artistic event, which lasted until the early morning hours of yesterday (Sunday).

The artist George Wassouf, the surprise of the concert (Riyadh Season)

Riyadh lived the first hours of the New Year under the lights of the fireworks that lit up the city and from different locations, to the sound of the countdown that flashed sequentially on the screen of the “Mohamed Abdo Arena”, while the artists lined up to sing with the audience of the exceptional evening, anticipating the arrival of the new year and a good omen. in his coming days.

And the pioneers of “Boulevard Riyadh City” watched; One of the areas of the “Riyadh Season” entertainment, which hosted the concert stage and the audience behind the screens, the countdown to the New Year in conjunction with the cities of the world, and the launch of fireworks to mark the entry of the new year, before the singing links continued, and the artistic appearances continued between various duets and trios.

“Trio” Walid Tawfiq, Assi Al-Hillani and Bahaa Sultan (Riyadh Season)

3 maestros led the concert to the fullest creativity, and the audience enjoyed; Who reached thousands and filled the stands, and millions of spectators from behind the screens, with the performance of the artists, and the mastery of Amir Abdel Majeed, Hani Farhat and Medhat Khamis, in managing the links and the participating orchestras, with complete brilliance.

The arrival of the artist George Wassouf to the concert to participate was one of his most important surprises, while his name was not included in the list of participating artists, and he sang his famous song “If I intended” Trio with Nancy Ajram and Latifa. And with the Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi and the Tunisian artist Saber Al-Rubai, he sings and wills his song “Kalam Al-Nas”.

Presence and will inflame the enthusiasm of the audience, and increase the pace of the beauty and glow of the evening, and he expressed his pleasure by sharing the first moments of the start of the new year from Riyadh, and he wished everyone a happy year, and he sang one of the masterpieces of Abdel Halim Hafez, and a number of other songs in which a number of the stars of the evening participated with him. .

Najwa Karam and Assi El Helani (Riyadh Season)

It published short reports that shed light on aspects of the history of Arab singing and the symbols of art in it, who drew the map of the artistic scene and built Arab musical awareness, thanks to the efforts and donations of symbols and names; Some of them left while their artistic impact remained radiant, and the exceptional Arab night that the Saudi capital embraced at the beginning of the New Year was a message of gratitude and gratitude for that deep impact on the conscience of the masses… Among them was the late maestro Tariq Akef, and the late artist Wadih Al-Safi.

And the Lebanese artist, Walid Tawfiq, sang for Saudi Arabia alone, in response to the request of Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Entertainment Authority, so he sang “Oh Saudi Arabia, my love, I,” which Tawfiq composed for “The Voice of the Earth” by Talal Maddah, and the audience interacted with his performance, and they exchanged a greeting of love and a touch of loyalty, and in In the folds of his singing, he told his own story with Saudi Arabia, speaking of its virtue over the history of Arab art and its symbols, and its role in fueling the artistic movement and developing competition, saying that Saudi Arabia, with its people, leadership, and soil, has a special place of love for him and for all Arab artists, thanks to what it presented in their artistic career and path. towards stardom.

“Trio” compiled by Asala, Najwa Karam and Saber Al-Rubai (Riyadh Season)

At the end of the “Trio Arab Night” concert; Which will not be forgotten from the memory of everyone who watched it and followed its details. Thirteen male and female artists lined up to present an unusual singing show, accompanied by light shows on stage, amid audience interaction, and everyone began to sing “You Have Freedom”, while the image of the owner of the historical song, Wadih Al-Safi, lit up the screens. The theatre, and the melody sculpted by the famous Arab musician Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, sparkles around and breathes life into the place, in a painting appreciating the efforts and bids of the richest experience of Arab art and enriched the spirit of song and people’s taste. The artists also danced the famous Lebanese Dabke dance, and beat drums on stage together, in an atmosphere full of happiness.

This is how the “Mohammed Abdo Arena” theater welcomed the new year (Riyadh Season)

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