Watch.. The artists’ hairdresser reveals a funny secret about the beauty of their hair

Ramallah – the world of the homeland
Mahmoud Raafat, known as “Celebrity Hairdresser” in the seventies and eighties of the last century, revealed the secret of the beauty of the stars’ hair.

This came during his stay as a guest on the program “Women do not know how to lie”, presented by the artist Mona Abdel-Ghani and the two media figures, Eman Ezz El-Din and Maha Al-Soghair, on the “CBC” channel.

According to (Laha) magazine, Raafat said: “The first movie star to hold her hair was in 1971, and they are the two artists, Samira Ahmed and Safaa Abu Al-Saud. I was a theater for the stars of Egypt, and I was trembling, so the first time I held hair with hexagons of stage lights.

He added, “At the time, each one had her own personality, and changing the look was not easy, and every artist had her own character that would last for very long periods of time.”

On the details of his relationship with the late artist Shadia, he said: “Shadia had a wide forehead and every thing he had a devo. The good hairdresser must know how to manage this defo. Shadia used to come to me at four o’clock, prepare the work and then go to Ismailia, may God have mercy on her. I had beautiful situations with her. She used to call me in Arabic if we came back late from work, and she liked to go to Shubra.”

And about the secret of the mixture that the hairdresser Mahmoud Raafat used with the artists: “I used to bring a group of oils that consisted of olive oil, almond oil, paraffin oil, all kinds of oils that you can imagine, and a little bit of jazz.”

He continued: “He was one of the most daring artists to change the look. May God have mercy on her, the artist Nadia Lutfi. Her hair was very light. I used to wear a wig on her and we never felt that it was a wig. She also worked with the artist Safia Al-Omari on the Madbouly Theater.”

Regarding the most important advice that Raafat gave to hair, he said: “It is very important to keep away from the bad hair straightener, which is a piece of aluminum and not original ceramic. “.

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