Watch the series, Founder Othman, episode 114, complete, with subtitles in high definition

Millions of viewers are searching for the Othman series, episode 114, translated into Arabic, and it is a famous Turkish drama that has achieved very high viewership rates in the Arab world, as it was launched after the end of the show of the historical series Artegral Resurrection, which was very famous in all countries and around the world. Continue Dear visitor, the next report to the end, to learn about the story and events of episode 114 of the most wonderful heroic act.

Othman series, episode 114, with subtitles

The Othman series is broadcast every Wednesday on the Turkish ITV channel at nine in the evening, Tawqib Egypt and eight in Saudi time, and it is also available on the Internet several hours after it was shown in Turkey.

It will be broadcast on the Algerian Al-Fajr channel on Thursday, subtitled into Arabic, and you can watch the series on the Love Story website as well.

The events of episode 114 of the founder Osman series revolve around a very important historical period in the history of Turkey and the Islamic world, which is the period of the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, where it was founded by Osman, who is the middle son of Ertuğrul. The death of his father and achieved a barrage of achievements because he derived strength and solidity from his father.

The fourth season of the founder series, Othman, sheds light on the conflict that the state witnessed with the Mongols, Persians, Romans, Tatars, and Crusaders. It also focuses on Othman’s strength in exposing all the problems he faced in establishing the state, in addition to the conflict he entered into with his uncle during this period.

Starring in the founder Osman series

A group of the brightest stars and artists, including:

  • Burak Ozjivit in the role of Osman Bey
  • Ozge Turer plays Bala Hatton
  • Yigit Okan as Boran
  • Rasan Arslan as Igul Hatun
  • Omar’s songs like Saltuk Alp
  • Kajri Sensoy as Sirkutay
  • Aglia Ozkan as Ayşe Hatun

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