Watch the series “The Resurrection of Othman”, Season 4, Episode 108, the date of the presentation of the fourth season, “The Founder”, “Othman” series, Episode 10, “The Resurrection of Othman” series, Episode 108, online

Watching the series “The Resurrection of Othman,” episode 108, with Arabic subtitles, comes to the love story of HD, the founder, “Othman,” the fourth season, episode 10, from your favorite site. spaces.

Watch the series “The Resurrection of Othman”, Season 4, Episode 108, the date of the presentation of the fourth season, “The Founder”, “Othman” series, Episode 10, “The Resurrection of Othman” series, Episode 108, online

series Othman Season Four 108 subtitled in Arabic. One of the most popular titles in all Google search engines and social networking sites, coinciding with the approaching presentation date of the founder of the Othman series, Part Four, Episode 10, Love Story Tonight.

Where many drama fans await, during the next few hours, the broadcast of episode 108 of the founder of the Turkish historical series Osman, which reached high audience numbers that exceeded expectations, after it managed to maintain its position in the hearts of fans of Turkish series, especially historical ones.

Watch the Othman series, Season 4, Episode 108, complete with Arabic subtitles

Episode 107 of the series “The Resurrection of Othman Trend” topped the search engines today, after the premiere and the first trailer for episode 108 were released shortly after the end of episode 107.

Watching the Othman series 108, translated into Arabic, is a love story, as the work includes many fiery events, as the announcement of episode 108 presented many interesting events.

The frequency of the channel that carries the Othman series

The audience of the Othman series is waiting to know the details of episode 108 after the emergence of a new character in the work, which is the sultan of the Seljuk state, Asmahan, and her intense hatred of the sons of Artgrel, the father of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Othman bin Artgrel. Showcasing this week.

The Othman series contains many interesting details, as the presentation of Asmahan, Queen of the Seljuks, was a strong driver of events, as he appeared as an obstacle to the Ottoman Sultan, and worked to sow conspiracies in his own way and began to fight them because his interests conflicted with the interests of the Seljuk state, which is owned by her son Aladdin, and she is trying striving to eliminate him and standing against him jointly with Olof, the Ottoman Empire’s staunchest enemy.

The date of the presentation of the fourth season of the founder of the Othman series

And on Wednesday evening, the specialized Turkish channels will show the events of episode 108 of the founder Osman series, the fourth season, on its screen for all viewers in Turkey and foreign countries, especially since the series has achieved wide and great fame during the past years in all countries of the world, after it became the throne of the most watched and followed series.

The Turkish channel ATV broadcasts the founder series, Season 4, Episode 4, with subtitles, at 8 pm in Cairo, on Wednesday of every week.

Othman series episode 108, subtitled on Nilesat channels, every Thursday night every week, and the replay at 1:00 pm every Friday in the week.

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