“We were thrown to the wolves” .. Harry and Megan open fire on the British royal family, accusing them of “lying” | News


In a promotional advertisement for the last three episodes of the Netflix documentary series about them, Prince Harry and his wife Megan said they had been “thrown to the wolves”, accusing the British royal family of “lying to protect” Crown Prince William.

The couple focused in the first three episodes of the series “Harry and Megan” on the harassment of the British tabloids, and on the way in which the minors dealt with the issue of racism.

But the last three episodes, which will be available on “Netflix” starting from Thursday, represent – according to observers – a greater danger to the family, as they deal with the story of Harry and Megan’s move to California in 2020.

“Not only were they thrown to the wolves, they were used to feed the wolves,” Meghan Markle said in a promotional advertisement for the rings.

For his part, Prince Harry said, “They find it natural to lie to protect my brother (William), but they were not ready to tell the truth to protect us (Meghan and I).”

The first three episodes that the platform made available to its viewers since last Thursday were devoid of sudden scandals, as some had feared, as they focused on the beginning of the love story between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex until their marriage in 2018.

And the Netflix network had launched the first three episodes of the short documentary series produced by the prince and his wife on Thursday, in which the work comes within the framework of a long battle that began with the first steps of the colored American actress Megan Merkel inside the royal palace in London, and did not end with the couple’s decision to resign from their royal duties and move away. about family.

The episodes dropped the image of the late Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s mother, on wife Megan Merkel, and the work tried to make the marital relationship between the prince and his wife a symbol of standing against racism, and linking the two heroes to charitable work, especially in Africa.

The episodes also monitored the fierce attack of the yellow press on Megan, her suffering with the traditions of the palace, the love story that arose between the spouses, and how they ensured her confidentiality until the engagement took place, and the third episode reviewed the betrayal that Megan was subjected to by her father.

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