With a “fiery” statement, Prince Harry accuses his brother William of assaulting him

And it was Harry and his wife Megan They withdrew from the royal family amid much fanfare in 2020, in an event that received wide media coverage.

The couple, who currently live in United StateThe royal family publicly on several occasions and interviews, and also in a documentary film that I presented.Netflix”.

In his book “Spare”, which will be published on January 10, Harry says he was physically assaulted by his older brother William during an argument in London In 2019, according to The Guardian.

During this altercation, the 38-year-old prince accused his brother William of describing Megan as “difficult” and “rude”, before the atmosphere became more tense with an exchange of insults, according to the British newspaper.

After a heated dialogue between the two brothers, Harry said that his brother William “grabbed me by the collar, tore his necklace, and knocked him to the ground.”

He added, “I fell on the dog’s food bowl, which broke under my back, and its fragments hit me,” noting that he remained on the ground “stunned” before asking his brother to leave.

Harry said his brother William later “apologized” for his behaviour.

According to “The Guardian”, this quarrel could have caused Harry “scratches and bruises”.

And he said Harry He wants to “reconnect” with his father, King Charles III, and his brother William, with whom he previously seemed very close, according to an excerpt from an interview shown Monday.

But the relationship seems tense, and in my documents I raised it Netflix Last month, Harry and Meghan accused the royal family of lying and failing to protect them.

Harry also criticized his brother William, saying he “shouted” at him during a 2020 family meeting attended by Queen Elizabeth II.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex accuse Prince William and his wife Kate of causing negative press coverage because they “steal the spotlight” from the rest of the family.

And in March 2021, he was charged Harry and Megan In a shocking interview on American television, the royal family with racism.

And live British royal family Currently in transition, after the accession of Charles III to the throne following the death of Elizabeth II on 8 September.

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