Zahrat Al Khaleej – Does Shakira’s trip to Dubai spark disagreements with Pique… again?

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Despite the settlement of disputes between the Colombian singer Shakira, her former partner and the father of her two children, the retired soccer player Gerard Pique, and in particular their reaching an agreement regarding the custody of their two children: “Milan and Sasha”, all the recent indications and the accelerating events indicate that a new problem is looming between The ex-lovers, a few days before Shakira and her two children were due to move to Miami.
Returning to the bilateral agreement, Pique will be able to visit his two children for a period of ten days during the month, without specifying these days, but rather whenever he wants, in addition to his ability to use the school holidays to spend time with them.
But the last trip that Shakira went with, “Milan and Sasha” to Dubai, may bring things back to square one.
A few days ago, Shakira appeared carrying a bird of prey with her two children in the middle of the Dubai desert, in a photo that she herself published on her Instagram account, and commented on it by saying: “In the desert looking for serenity this Christmas.”

The annoying trip
It seems that Gerard Pique is disturbed by this trip of his two children, which will end on the 30th of December, while the most important and prominent question that has been dealt with in Spanish newspapers remains, which is: Did Pique agree to this trip?
According to what was stated in a special episode of the “Mamarazis” podcast, which hosted the two journalists: Laura Va and Lorena Vasquer, Pique is not at all happy with the time he spent with his two children during their vacation, which was less than one week, especially since they will then move to Miami, USA. Starting next January 5, they will join the study there.
According to what the two journalists said in the “podcast”, the next study session for Pique and Shakira’s children will start early, as the first loses the advantage of spending time with them, and they may be late in Spain if their father wants to spend more time with them.
In the same context, the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” quoted, according to its own source, that Pique will most likely ask Shakira to delay the time the two children enroll in school, and that it be a few days after the start of the school year, with the aim of obtaining an opportunity to spend the Day of the Three Kings with them.

New life
Sources close to the Colombian singer say that Shakira deliberately traveled to Dubai with her two children, in order to start preparing them for their new life, away from their father, while they will have a few days to spend with Pique after their return from this trip.
And according to what was reported by the newspaper “La Vanguardia”, the former Barcelona club captain agreed to spend New Year’s Eve and the Day of the Three Kings with his two children, but the complex dates of these days may prompt the two parties’ lawyers to negotiate again with the aim of finding a solution to this dilemma.
The newspaper indicates that one of the proposed solutions is to cut off the Dubai trip and return to Spain early so that the two children can spend additional days with their father, while Shakira will be busy celebrating the birthday of her mother, Nydia Ripoll, who is considered one of her main supporters in all her problems.

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