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Short introduction

Farid Bang, whose real name is Farid Hamed El Abdellaoui, is a German rapper with Spanish and Arabic roots. His music belongs to the gangsta rap style. Farid lives in Düsseldorf and has been releasing his music since 2014 on his own label “Banger Musik”. Before founding his own label, he was under contract with “German Dream”. In the meantime, a total of four of his albums have been indexed by the Federal Inspectorate for Media Harmful to Young People.

Early life

Farid was born on June 4th in a Spanish enclave called Melilla. His mother has Moroccan roots but grew up in Germany while Farid’s father was born and raised in Morocco. Farid grew up in the Andalusian city of Torremolinos until he was eight years old, before moving to Düsseldorf with his mother. Because of this, Farid has Spanish and German citizenship. In Düsseldorf he attended the Pempelfort secondary school and finished his education with a secondary school certificate. At the age of 19, Farid gained his first experience as a rapper. He was inspired by his friend at the time, Tekken. The contact with Eko Fresh came through his long-time friend, the rapper Summer Cem came about, which shortly thereafter brought Farid Bang onto his label “German Dream”.


Under the initial stage name “Farid Urlaub” (an allusion to the singer of the Doctors Farin Urlaub ) the rapper appeared on various tracks by Eko Fresh, in 2005. A year later, the debut album entitled “Ghetto Codex” should appear, but it was never implemented. Instead, Farid Bang’s first album was released in 2008 under the title “Asphalt Massaka”, but without much financial success. In the time after the release of his debut, Farid made a name for himself as a battlerapper and was represented on various disstracks against the Berlin label “Aggro Berlin”. In 2012, Farid’s album “Banger Live Shorter” was indexed due to glorification of violence and misogyny. In the same year his fourth solo album “The Last Day of Your Life” was released, which reached number 3 in the German album charts. In 2013 the collaboration album “Jung brutal gutaussehend 2” followed together with Kollegah, which was able to position itself at number 1 on the charts. In retrospect, the collaboration album received a gold record for over 100,000 units sold. Farid had a brief appearance in each of the three parts of the film series “Fack ju Ghoete”. Furthermore contributed the song “Creed” to the German soundtrack of the film “Creed – Rockys Legacy”.

Career highlights

Regarding the pure solo albums, the album “Killa” is considered Farid’s most successful work to date. For over 100,000 units sold, he received a gold record. The album “Asphalt Massaka 3” was also able to stay at number 1 in the German album charts for several weeks. The collaboration series with Kollegah “Jung brutal gutaussehend” represents the musically most successful works by Farid Bang to date. The second part of the series won a gold record in Germany and Austria and was sold over 150,000 times. The most successful part of the series was JBG3. With over 200,000 units sold, the album even received a platinum award, but this had to be revised again due to the indexing. Farid Bang Instagram

Famous quotes

“Rappers talk about G’s that they protect with guns.
They are not divers, but only have bottles behind them”
Farid Bang

“I was like religion, not everyone believed in me”
-Farid Bang

Amazing facts

In his youth, Farid went to a dance school with some friends. Three of his friends feigned interest in dancing, while Farid stole the valuables in the meantime. They repeated this procedure a few times until they were finally blown. Farid was also invited to a talk show by Oliver Geissen at the age of 16 . There he should comment on his various women’s stories.

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