[फॉर्म ] Rajasthan Your Beti Scheme 2021 Aapki Beti Yojana in hindi

Rajasthan Aapki Beti Yojana 2020 (Form PDF download, application form) Rajasthan Aapki Beti Yojana in hindi [Application Form Download PDF, Eligibility Criteria]

In modern times, daughters are not less than anyone, today education is as much for sons as necessary, it is also for daughters. But sometimes due to some circumstances some families are unable to provide education to their daughters. The Rajasthan government started a scheme to provide financial assistance to the daughters of such families. In this article, we are trying to convey the information of the same scheme to you.

Launched Details

S. M Plan info point Plan information
1. Plan name Your daughter scheme Rajasthan
2. Launch plan Year 2005
3. Start plan By Rajasthan government
४. Current amendments to the scheme 30 May 2019
5. Plan amended By Ashok Gehlot Ji, the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan
5. Financial assistance in the scheme The Girl Child Education Foundation will be given by Rajasthan.

Yojana Features

  • Assistance to poor daughters: – Under this scheme, financial assistance is being given on an annual basis to the daughters of those families who are financially weak. In this way, daughters of such families are getting financial help.
  • Current Amendment: – Recently, some amendment has been made by the Gehlot government in the amount of aid given so far. Now the assistance amount has been increased by Rs. 1,000. Earlier, daughters from 1st to 8th grade used to get Rs. 1000, now they will get Rs. 2,100 and daughters from 9th to 12th class get Rs. 1500 which is now Rs. 2,500. With this, if any polling personnel dies during electoral duty, the amount given to such families has been increased from Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh.

Eligibility criteria and required documents

  • skills required: – In this scheme only the students living in Rajasthan are being given benefits. Therefore, the applying girl students are required to submit a copy of their residential proof like Aadhar card, Voter ID card etc.
  • Studying in a government school: – The beneficiary daughters in this scheme can only be those who are studying in a government school in Rajasthan. Private school girls are not getting the benefit of this.
  • Falling in BPL category: – The benefit of this scheme started by the Rajasthan government is for the students coming below the poverty line. Applicants may have to submit a copy of their BPL card while applying.
  • Other Eligibility: – The benefit of this scheme is being given to the daughters of such families who are either orphans or none of their mothers or fathers. While applying for this, his death certificate can also be sought. So the applicant should also keep this document with him.

Rajasthan Aapki Beti Yojana Application Form and Process for Rajasthan Aapki Beti Yojana

All eligible applicants to apply for this scheme Your daughter scheme Rajasthan form PDF You can get it by clicking on this link. After downloading the application form from here, fill all the information asked in it and then submit it to the concerned officer. In this way, your application will be completed to get the benefit of this scheme.

note :- If you do not have information about the officer concerned, you can contact your school professor for this.

In this way the daughters of Rajasthan can take advantage of this scheme started by the Rajasthan government to complete their education in a better way. And can complete their education.

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