10 Best RTS Games You Can Play On PC In 2020 [Top List]

Best RTS games are a great way to escape from reality. You can enter any world of your choice according to the type of game and the environment provided by it. As technology advances, sport Are also evolving.

Free online game developers are trying their best to create a new game for io card game every time with their creative skills. You can develop your creativity, leadership and decision making skills through real-time strategy free games online.

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What is an RTS game?

Real-time strategy games are time-based Video game. Unlike the best reality VR games, in the RTS game, you must use the resources given in the game to build your empire and defeat the rival player. You will also be asked to make decisions that can impact the game. These are strategy games that are not based on the turn.

In games that are based on the turn, each player will get quality time to sit back and think about their next move. Even rival players will be doing this so that you don’t have to worry too much in turn-based games.

But, in the best .io game The player must move very soon to win the game. In rare cases, some strategies such as turtles can slow down gameplay. The top RTS io games are also called real-time war games or real-time simulation games.

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Top and Best RTS Games in 2020

To start your gaming adventure, we have listed ten best reality games for you to play. Some of them are cool free online games No download required.

1. Bit planet

Bit planetary game

Game Overview: Bit Planet is one of the unique real-time best rtc pc games to stream that is based on space and universe. The game aims to conquer many planets in the universe. You can play this game from any device including your smartphone.

Bit planet Games are supported in Windows, Android, Linux, iPhone, and Mac. The peculiarity of this game is that it can be played through a website, so you do not need to register or install anything. This is one of the best space io games you can find in 2020.

The game has two modes: Regular and Domination. In regular mode, the duration of the game is just 15 minutes. And, at this time, the player who has a number of planets will win the game. Whereas, in domination mode, the game will end only when the player reaches full ownership of the planets, which is 100%.

2. Gray plague

Gray plague

Game Overview: It is another unconventional real-time strategy game in 2020 aimed at saving people’s lives. It is the year 2020 in this game and a strange disease is claiming the lives of so many people in the city. It is speculated that the disease is a mutation of tuberculosis.

The player has the power to see the internal organs of the people and thus they should save their lives. Now with the epidemic, the game is gaining immense popularity. The visuals of this game are also realistic and attractive.

3. Shikha: An Indirect God Game

Crest play an indirect dev

Game Overview: Shikha is a game set in God Sim in Sub-Saharan Africa. At this place, your word is considered gospel. You should control and guide your followers through your orders which are written in a pictorial language, which is still evolving.

In this game, you can create your religion and control your followers according to your mindset. Your followers may also die because of your decision. Therefore you can expect unexpected results through your orders. This game has vegetation, drought, mineral deposits, etc. to use while you are playing.

The game is included with built-in twitch support. Through this support, your audience can join your game and vote for your orders. You can travel through many worlds in this game. When followers of one world die, you can go to your previous world.

4. Longhua


Game Overview: The game is set on an island. And, it is not just some random island, but a floating island. You are the main settler on this island. You should expand this island by gathering resources. You should also protect your island and people from the conqueror. You will be provided with four different island maps with unique layouts.

These islands will have different seasons and you must deal with this to develop the island through your strategy. The game scene is just spectacular. The game is a mixture of tower defense and real-time strategy. The game requires 350 MB of storage space in the device you download. This will consume 2 GB of your RAM. It uses the GTX 1050Ti to give an attractive view.

5. Metropolis demo

Metropolis demo

Game Overview: The Metropolis demo is a card game in which rats are heroes. In this game, there is a small rat post, and the game’s players are given the ultimate responsibility to protect the mice from their predators and other deadly creatures. The player’s goal is to build the metropolis. If you do it, the mice talked about it for many years.

This game will be a big challenge for you to protect your mice from other creatures. This will develop your leadership quality and defense capabilities. You will be given a number of cards to activate strategy commands, including build, combat support, resources, and more.

You must play cleverly to build a metropolis. You can choose 80 cards in the game for strategy command activation. But, when the game starts you will be given only 8 cards. From the card pool, the player has to draw the used card again.

The important aspect of the game is to build and maintain a strong card deck. This will help you protect your mice from other harmful creatures. In this you can also remove or upgrade the card from the card deck Top RTS io Games As A tip. It is one of the best free multiplayer games for PC.

6. Right click on necromance

Right click on necromanceGame Overview: It is a popular real-time strategy game, where the player will assume himself as a necromancer general. The defeated enemy soldiers will have to be revived in the role of Necromancer General. After being revived, the Necromancer General will have the power to control them and add to his army.

In this way, he would have to expand his army and defeat the rival army. You must use right-click to revive the corpses of enemy soldiers. The game is still incomplete, but when you are completely bored, it is a good and fun game. This is our top position in all io games list.

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7. Openra


Game Overview: OpenRA is a classic command and wins real-time strategy game. You can imagine and rebuild classic 2D games through OpenRA. The game supports game replays and also has an observer interface specifically for online strategy game streaming. When you play this game, you will need to download your original game files to use them.

8. Small land

Small land

Game Overview: It is a short real-time strategy game that comes with a city builder prototype. There will be buildings on clusters of tiles, which will randomly attach to your land as time passes. You should feed the villagers and hungry people in this game. You can also run out of food during the game.

You must build the farm and destroy the pirate ships. You can also customize the game to your liking. To win the game, you must click after completing your boat. You can also harvest using the oak trees and fields present in the game to feed the villagers.

9. Winter Fall: The Cost of Life

Fall of winter cost of life

Game Overview: Falling Winter is one of the best Lal Mahal games in which you must travel across the crumbling kingdom to gather support. Only you have the power to stop undoing. You must join the fight and play cleverly to win the game. The game will provide you with a world map in which you should manage your army.

You can make both friends and enemies through this world map. If you are not going to feed your army well, you have to loot the cities. Your every action will have the opposite reaction. A wrong decision will lead to unintended conflict and chaos in the entire country. If you like playing empire games or war games, then you should not miss this. You should choose these popular games online to play in 2020.

10. Hexia


Game Overview: In Hexia, you are the king of the realm. Talking of the realm, you should build and expand your area to build new buildings and infrastructure to lead and control your people. For the growth of your state, you should take every opportunity and face difficult consequences.

This RTS game has lots of secrets and surprises. In the beginning there will be only one tile, from which you can build a magnificent empire. As the game is in the development stage, as you play, you can expect many surprises.

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One of the biggest challenges in real-time strategy-free RTS games is their complex user interface (UI). You have to get used to it to become familiar and comfortable with it. Most of these games will challenge your mind and your decision making skills.

Your decision can have a huge impact on the progress of the game, so you should know what you are doing with online PC games.

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