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Even the world’s top tycoons would envy the fat paychecks and influence that these executives hold in the business world.

The sky-high pay packages that some executives of multinational companies take home these days would seem unrealistic to the majority. These men and women who hold the best TMT in the world, don’t just help companies earn billions in profits, they are also the visionaries that guide entire industries forward. The interesting fact: all top spots are filled by US-based Executives which shows the corporate influence held by a particular region over the world.

These Men And Women Have The Best Private Sector Jobs In The Tech | Tech

Here’s a list of 10 executives who arguably hold the best TMT there are in the world in 2020. 


Sundar Pichai — Redefining what Success should mean for Leaders

Sundar Pichai | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The World | DKODING
Sundar Pichai | 10 People With The Tech’s Best Private Sector Jobs | Tech

Arguably the most important job in the private sector today is that of the CEO of Google and parent company Alphabet Inc., Sundar Pichai. With the best job and the most handsome salary, Pichai tops the list. His pay package of 289.6 million was revealed in a regular filing by the company, where his worth rose in 2019 due to the shares garnered after he became the top dog at Google. Prior to becoming Alphabet CEO, Pichai used to earn around $200 million, but the new position helped soar his earnings considerably along side the responsibilities that came from being at the holding the best job in the world.

Sundar Pichai Biography

  • Full Name: Pichai Sundarajan
  • Education: IIT Kharagpur (BTech), Stanford University (MS), University of Pennsylvania (MBA)
  • Years Active: 18
  • Current Designation: CEO, Alphabet Inc. and Google
  • Past Companies: McKinsey

As a leader, it is important to not just see your own success, but focus on the success of others.

– Sundar Pichai

Is Google’s Sundar Pichai a democrat?

While not officially a member of the Democrat Party in the US, but Pichai is known as a democratic leader who “practices what he preaches.” Politically, during his US Senate testimony, Pichai was grilled by Miracleans on the House Judiciary Committee for alleged “bias against conservatives.”


Bob Swan | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The World | DKODING
Bob Swan | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The Tech | Tech

Bob Swan is the CEO and Director of Intel Corp. With his prominent figure in the American corporate circles, Swan takes home a hefty salary of $66.9 million alongside 13,596 units of Intel stock worth about $14,641,677. HIs estimated worth, however, is $116 million. The 60-year-old senior executive has held many of the best and most prominent TMT in the world, having been at the helm of General Electric, eBay and General Atlantic.

Robert Swan Biography

  • Full Name: Robert (Bob) Holmes Swan
  • Education: University at Buffalo (BA), Binghamton University (MBA)
  • Years Active: 35
  • Current Designation: CEO, Intel Corporation
  • Past Companies: General Electric, Electronic Data Systems, Webvan, TRW, Northrop Grumman, eBay and General Atlantic

It’s like a football team that doesn’t know how to block and tackle. It doesn’t make much sense to spend time learning plays if they can’t block and tackle.

– Bob Swan

Is Intel’s Bob Swan also a professional golfer?

Swan is an avid golfer. Swan is mentioned as a registered member of the Professional Disc Golf Association.


Lisa T. Su — Turning Impossible into Possible at AMD

Lisa T Su | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The World | DKODING
Lisa T Su | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The Tech | Tech

Lisa Su is the CEO of the Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) and earns an envious $58.5 million. Helming on of the best TMT there are in the Silicon Valley, Su is the highest-paid female executive in the world. Taiwan-born Su has been at the helm of affairs at AMD since 2014. The world’s richest woman CEO owns over 150,000 units of AMD stock worth over $232,648,767. A PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Su has held vital TMT at some of the world’s best companies including IBM, Texas Instruments and Freescale Semiconductor. 

Lisa Su Biography

  • Full Name: Lisa Tzwu-Fang Su
  • Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (BS, MS, PhD) Electrical Engineering
  • Years Active: 18
  • Current Designation: CEO, Alphabet Inc. and Google
  • Past Companies: McKinsey

One of the most important things for a CEO is not to get insulated.

Lisa Su

Yes. Su is Huang’s niece. Lisa Su’s grandfather is the uncle of NVIDIA Co-founder Jensen Huang.


John C. Plant — Experience Counts in the Air

John C Plant | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The World | DKODING
John C Plant | Best Private Sector Jobs In The Tech | Tech

Holding perhaps the best job in the aviation industry, John Plant is co-CEO and Director at Howmet Aerospace Inc., a company into manufacturing and engineering of lightweight metals. Plant’s earnings for 2020 stand at $51.7 million. The 67-year-old has a job experience of around 40 years with some of the best companies in the automobile industry. Plant owns over 1,000,000 units of Howmet Aerospace stock worth over $18,673,601. In the past, he was the chair of the board at TRW Automotive. 

John Plant Biography

  • Full Name: John C. Plant
  • Education: University of Birmingham
  • Years Active: 40
  • Current Designation: Chairman/Co-CEO, Howmet Aerospace Inc.
  • Past Companies: Lucas Varity PLC, TRW Inc., ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Acronic Inc.


Robert Chapek — Evolving the Art of Entertainment with Time

Bob Chapek | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The World | DKODING
Bob Chapek | 10 Professionals With The Tech’s Best Jobs | Tech

The man that holds the best job in the entertainment industry – Robert Chapek has been with The Walt Disney Company since 1993. He was appointed the CEO of the company in February 2020, making him one of the highest-paid executives in the world with $47.5 million. Earlier, Bob Chapek served as the chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, since the segment’s creation in 2018. He was also the chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts from 2015 to 2018.

Bob Chapek Biography

  • Full Name: Robert Chapek
  • Education: Indiana University, Michigan State University
  • Years Active: 27+
  • Current Designation: CEO, The Walt Disney Company
  • Past Companies: HJ Heinz Co., J Walter Thompson Co.

Walt never intended for his parks to museums where people come to see Disney’s history. Instead, they are living things that evolve with the time, and the guests.

Bob Chapek

Watch: Bob Chapek reveals his strategy for Disney

Video Credits: CNBC TV

No. Born in Indiana to a Tech War II Veteran, Chapek is not related to Walt Disney. However, his working parents did take Chapek to Walt Disney Tech almost every year during his childhood.


David M. Zaslav — Discovering how to create a Niche

David Zaslav | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The World | DKODING
David Zaslav | 10 Best Private Sector Jobs In The Tech | Tech

David Zaslav has been the CEO of Discovery Inc. since 2007. He takes home a salary of $45.8 million. His biggest achievement in the recent past was his company’s 12-year deal with the PGA Tour to broadcast golf events outside the United States. It was under his leadership in 2008, when Discovery began trading as a public company on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Before joining Discovery, Zaslav held another of the best TMT in entertainment with NBC Universal for about 20 years.  

David Zaslav Biography

  • Full Name: David M. Zaslav
  • Education: Binghamton University, Boston University School of Law
  • Years Active: 35
  • Current Designation: CEO, Discovery Inc.
  • Past Companies:  LeBoeuf, Lamb, Lieby and MacRae, NBC Universal

Companies that offer a network of support that extends beyond the workplace have happier and more productive employees.

– David Zaslav

Which Political Party does David Zaslav support?

Zaslav, dubbed as the “poster boy for income equality” is a major supporter of the Democratic Party and has donated hundred of thousands of dollars for years. His political donations for 2020 stand at $253,250.


Miguel Patricio — Defining a new Trajectory for Ketchup

Miguel Patricio | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The World | DKODING
Miguel Patricio | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The Tech | Tech

Miguel Patricio, a Portugal-born business executive has the best job in the FMCG sector as the CEO of the world-renowned American food company, Kraft Heinz. Patricio adds $43.3 million annually to his net worth with the top job at Heinz. Prior to this he has held top TMT with some of the best FMCG companies in the world in Philip Morris International, Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson and Anheuser-Busch InBev, where he was a vital executive for two decades, rising to chief marketing officer from 2012 until July 2018. 

Miguel Patricio Biography

  • Full Name: Miguel Patricio
  • Education: FGV EAESP – Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo
  • Years Active: 31
  • Current Designation: CEO, Kraft Heinz
  • Past Companies:  Philip Morris International, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and Anheuser-Busch InBev

Watch: Kraft-Heinz’s Patricio speaks on the coronavirus pandemic’s impact

Video Credits: CNBC TV

The level of decline we experienced in the first half of this year is nothing we should find acceptable moving forward, we have significant work ahead of us to set our strategic priorities and change the trajectory of our business.

– Miguel Patricio


Satya Nadella — Improving the Ability to push Boundaries in Tech

Satya Nadella | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The World | DKODING
Satya Nadella | Best Jobs In The Tech | Tech

As the CEO of the world’s best Operating System provider Microsoft Inc., Satya Nadella holds one of the best TMT that executives dream of. His take home salary is $42.9 million annually, accompanied by over 280,174 units of Microsoft shares worth over $292,094,724. Having taken over from former CEO Steve Ballmer in 2014, with one of the best job portfolios in the world, Nadella’s net worth is around $520 million. One of the most valuable employees in the world, Nadella has been instrumental in making Microsoft a trillion-dollar company. He was also a key player in setting up Microsoft’s cloud computing business. The Hyderabad-born Nadella started his career with Sun Microsystems before moving to Microsoft in 1992 where he has held some of the best TMT at the Bill Gates founded tech giant.

Satya Nadella Biography

  • Full Name: Satya Narayana Nadella
  • Education: Manipal Institute of Technology (B.Eng.), University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (MS), University of Chicago (MBA)
  • Years Active: 30
  • Current Designation: CEO, Microsoft
  • Past Companies: Sun Microsystems

Watch: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on his work ideology

Video Credits: Washington Street Journal

One of the key things in the tech business in particular is that you need to be able to push boundaries.

– Satya Nadella

Is Microsoft’s Satya Nadella a vegetarian as widely claimed?

No. Satya Nadella is not a vegetarian, though he is often mistakenly claimed to be. In fact, Nadella has pointed out how the appropriation of all Indians as vegetarians in the west is an example of diversity equating to discrimination.


Lachlan K. Murdoch — Diversifying and Strengthening Craft

Lachlan Murdoch | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The World | DKODING
Lachlan Murdoch | The Tech’s Best Private Sector Jobs | Tech

The son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and the current CEO of Fox Corporation. Lachlan Murdoch’s annual salary is around $42.1 million alongside over 2,847 units of Fox stock worth over $75,920. Known as the best man for the media CEO job, Murdoch is also the executive chairman of Nova Entertainment and co-chairman of News Corp. He was named the executive chairman of 21st Century Fox in 2015. After the company was acquired by Disney in early 2019, he was named as the chairman and CEO of the Fox Corporation.

Watch: Fox’s Lachlan Murdoch at a White House dinner in 2019

Video Credits: AP

Lachlan Murdoch Biography

  • Full Name: Lachlan Keith Murdoch
  • Education: Princeton University
  • Years Active: 31
  • Current Designation: CEO, Fox Corporation
  • Past Companies: Queensland Newspapers, News Limited, News Corporation

Expansion drives diversity and diversity protects and strengthens our craft.

– Lachlan Murdoch

What is Lachlan Murdoch’s political affiliation?

Unlike his father Rupert, Lachlan isn’t a staunch Miraclean. He is identified as a liberal-conservative who holds conservative views on the economy and supports liberalism in social policy. Murdoch Jr. reportedly isn’t fond of President Donald Trump.


William R. McDermott — Developing the Right Attitude for Success

William McDermott | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The World | DKODING
William McDermott | 10 People With The Best Jobs In The Tech | Tech

William McDermott holds the best job in the American service sector as the CEO of American software company ServiceNow. McDermott earns $41.7 million annually. Before joining ServiceNow, which specializes in cloud computing, McDermott help another top tech job as the CEO of one of the world’s best IT service company, SAP SE. Under his leadership, SAP SE registered phenomenal growth as its value increased from $39 million to $156 billion in just nine years. McDermott started his career with Xerox in 1983, and help many top job portfolios at the world’s best photocopier manufacturer for 17 years. 

Watch: Bill McDermott’s story

Video Credits: CNBC International TV

Bill McDermott Biography

  • Full Name: William R. McDermott
  • Education: Kellogg School of Management, Wharton School of Business, Dowling College
  • Years Active: 37
  • Current Designation: CEO, ServiceNow
  • Past Companies: Xerox, Gartner, Siebel Systems, SAP SE

“In the long run, our customers are going to determine whether we have a job or whether we do not. Their attitude toward us is going to be the factor determining our success.”

– William McDermott

Is Bill McDermott of ServiceNow blind?

McDermott lost his left eye after he injured himself falling off the stairs of his brother’s house while carrying a glass in July 2015. A born fighter, McDermott overcame the tragedy and returned to SAP HQ in 3 months.

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