13 Reasons Why: What happens to the main characters in the series finale?

After four years of intense storytelling, which includes teenage suicide and sexual assault for other taboo topics such as mental health, 13 Reasons Why is finally wrapped up.

If you want to know the trajectory of your favorite characters, keep reading how their story arc develops at the end of the series.

Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen

In the fourth season, Clay Jensen now enters therapy after battling his deteriorating mental health. He experiences several blackouts and is put into a psychiatric ward of a hospital. He and Ani split up but the two remain close friends. In the final scene of the Finale episode, he and Tony go on a summer trip. He eventually agreed to Brown University.

Christian Navarro as Tony Padilla.

Tony wants to start boxing and gets a scholarship offer for the University of Nevada. He must choose between leaving or staying with his father to run an auto shop. His father encourages him to leave. Her boyfriend Caleb helps her run the shop. We see in the finale that Tony and Clay go on a road trip before their college starts.

Alisha Boe as Jessica Davis.

Jessica is the student body president and in season 4, she romances with football player Diego Torres. When Justin returns from Rehab, he rejects her. Jessica works for the betterment of Liberty High. When a riot occurs, he is the one to make sure the prom takes place. She later arrives in Berkeley and considers resuming her romance with Diego.

Ross Butler as Zach Dempsey

We see that things are not so good for Bryce. She is now downstairs. He drinks too much and after the deaths of Bryce and Monty, he hooks up with several people. But with Justin’s death, Zach realizes that he needs to be pulled over. At Liberty High, he is offered a role as a football coach, but he declines. Instead he attends college to pursue music.

Devin Druid as Tyler Downs

At the beginning of season 4, it was revealed that Tyler is an informer working for the police. But with his secret reasons, he is questioned for possession of guns by his friends. On an active-shooter drill at Liberty High, Tyler develops feelings for Monty’s sister Estella. As the series progresses, they begin dating.

You can catch the entire series on Netflix with 13 reasons why.

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