29 violations and a deadly goal.. The “Al Shamkha” summit fulfills its promises

The summit confrontation between Bani Yas and its guest Al-Wahda, which took place the day before yesterday evening within the 13th round of the ADNOC Professional Football League, fulfilled its full promises in terms of competition and excitement that continued until the last moments, concluding with the fatal goal scored by the guests by Brazilian striker Joao Pedro in the 1 + minute. 90, and it was remarkable that the level of club between the players was forced by the match referee, Muhammad Abdullah Al Harmoudi, to count 29 violations and five yellow cards, and the irony was that the coaches of the two parties were not satisfied with the referee’s decisions.

The rhythm of the meeting was fast on both sides of the confrontation, which raised the level of excitement, especially with the players focusing more on the ball and exchanging attacks. 20 were committed by Bani Yas and nine from Al-Wehda, and the “Al-Samawi” players got two yellow cards, while “Al-Annabi” got three yellow cards.

In the press conference, the Romanian hosts’ coach, Daniel Isaila, questioned the authenticity of the visitors’ goal, which came in the 90 + 1 minute by Joao Pedro, and said that it came after an explicit violation committed by the player with their defender Sasha Ivkovic.

The coach explained that he finds it difficult to explain what happened during the match, and not to give one of the unit players a red card because he touched the ball with his hand, despite obtaining a yellow card before that, and indicated that his team was still subjected to a lot of arbitration injustice, and asked: «I don’t know. Whether it will be the last time or not.”

Al-Wehda coach, Spanish Manuel Jimenez, did not differ from his counterpart Isela in attacking the referee, and indicated that the two yellow cards that the Bani Yas players obtained did not reflect the large number of violations they committed during the confrontation.

And about his team’s victory in the last moments, the coach indicated that obtaining the three points that led them to third place in the standings table would raise the morale of his players, and added: “Our team has proven that it is united despite the departure of six players during the last period.”

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