3 Questions We Need Answer for MCU Step 4 – Tech

The Avengers may have defeated Thanos but there are some superheroes who still have a lot to answer for the world in MCG Phase 4.

The disdain for the Avengers was at an all-time high since the attack on New York in Avengers (2012) and reached its peak in the Civil War (2016) with an explosion in Lagos. Finally, the Sokovia Accord was drafted to keep the Avengers under government control. But it divided the Avengers into two parts, one supporting the Accord and the other against it. And although Thanos’ defeat pushed the issue backwards, some Avengers can still be held responsible for their actions MCU step 4.

Where is Spider-Man after “away from home”?

Spider-Man: Far from Home Mysterio AKA Quentin Beck shows that not only is Spider-Man’s true identity (mid-credit scene), but he is prepared for an attack in London. And to put the cherries on the cake, J. of The Daily Bugle Joanna Jameson is “Heads on Heels”, with all the evidence found against Spider-Man. This disclosure further jeopardizes the lives of all of Peter’s loved ones and we can see it in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 film.

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Are there two Captain America in MCU stage 4?

Things will get more serious in Phase 4, with Steve Rogers passing Captain America’s Sam Wilson in a game of Avengers (Endgame). Sam has already turned against the Accord and this puts him on the “bad” list for the government. In addition, we also know that US agent John Walker will appear in the upcoming Disney + series The Falcon and Phase 4’s Winter Soldier. John is the US government-sponsored Captain America (coming from Marvel Comics).

On the other hand, Sam doubts himself whether he will be able to live up to the expectations that Steve has given him. And while the Avengers may have settled their personal quarrels, Team Cap still carries the tainted image of vigilant people taking action against the government in Phase 4. Furthermore, we must not forget that Bucky is still responsible for the explosion in Vienna in the Civil War. All these things connect with the negative image of the Avengers.

Is Wanda Still Avenging?

He is already at the center of all this. After all, he is the one who lost control over his powers and it caused the explosion and loss of so many people in Lagos. Therefore, in other words, her actions led to accusations from the Sokovia Accord and the Avengers, which probably extends to Phase 4 as well. But, for us, it is not what he has done, but what he is subject to will make things even more complicated. .

Phase 4’s upcoming Disney + series Wandavision will tackle its abilities to manipulate reality with its capabilities as we saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron. And we can expect some results that will attract the attention of the government and especially Of the sword Pay attention to him And depending on how the storyline advances, Scarlett Witch can also be drafted as the main antagonist in the series.

Therefore, all this tells us that the Avengers are still in deep water; If not with an observer, then with us. And only time will tell if “oversight is not an idea that can be dismissed by hand” or it is.

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