35+ best quotes from the devastating life of Saki Kay!

Destructive life quotes of psy k By characters:

  • Kusuo Saki.
  • Nintendo Ricky.
  • Hiro Kinshi
  • Kaidou Shun.
  • Kokomi Teruhashi.
  • Chyo Yumehra.
  • Kurumi Saki.

Destructive life of psyche Is an underrated comedy / slice of life series. The way it creates a parody of the cliché is similar to the Gintama, but it does without extremes.

There are serious moments, and hilarious moments. These quotes expose everyone, from different personalities and characters.

Here are the best lines from the anime!

Saki quotes

1. Kusuo Saki Quotes

“I hate getting attention, but I also hate because of someone else.” – Kusuo Saki

kusuo saiki quotes 1

“Pleasant misery. Ordinary people believe that there is a pain.” – Kusuo Saki

kusuo saiki quotes 2

“There is no such thing as a person without ideas.” – Kusuo Saki

kusuo saiki quotes 3

“Okay, don’t let this disappoint you.” All the stars in the sky are as many girls. Although the stars are always out of reach. “- Kusuo Saki

Kusuo saki dialect 4

“You were born into a temple family but you are full of desires. I have never seen anyone so clearly dirty. “- Kusuo Saki

Kusuo saki dialect 5

“Even when you were so depressed and emotionally unstable, your coffee jelly tastes the same. This is undeniably the work of a supporter and that is why customers will come back on their own even without using ESP. “- Kusuo Saki

Kusuo saki dialect ६

“No matter how big an accident, it starts with a minor thing, so a slight change can save it completely.” – Kusuo Saki

kusuo saiki quotes 7

“So now, here’s a question for you. It means that I have changed from psychic to ghost, so how effective is ghosting against ghosts in ghosts? The answer is super effective.” – Kusuo Saki

Kusuo saki dialect quotes

“Just great … You shouldn’t expect anything from a new student, or have you forgotten the past tyranny? The writer introduces a new character to get himself out of the rut. It’s a cheap strategy. “- Kusuo Saki

kusuo saiki quotes 9

“I messed up, an image of the father came to each other.” It seems like he is still happily doing his work today. This screw bothers me in many ways. “- Kusuo Saki

kusuo saiki quotes 10

“What the hell. It’s horrifying that she was really going to get it. But it’s no use. The puppy dog ​​eyes won’t work on Asper like me.” – Kusuo Saki

Quote of kusuo saiki 11

“I’m never using my angry face.” – Kusuo Saki

kusuo quotes saiki 14

“Honestly, what a fool. Sorry to say sorry you have chuunibyou. You do not have any kind of power, but your actions were not possible in any way for the average person. “- Kusuo Saki

Kusuo saki dialect 12

“What a terrible man you really are, Nando Reiki. I’d love to kill you before you kill me. “- Kusuo Saki

kusuo saiki 13 quotes

“I am the saddest man in the world who has stripped everything from the moment I was born.” – Kusuo Saki

2. Kaidou Shun Quotes

Kadou Shun Boli

“I don’t care about my past. What matters is who you are now and who you will be in the future!” – Kaidou Shun

Kadou Shun Quotes 1

“I misunderstood you, Nando! Don’t you dare to put your hands up for those weak little girls! “- Kaidou Shun

Kadou Shun Coat 2

“How foolish. Fortune is stating that there is only one illusion created by a herd of people who pretend to be prophets.” – Kaidou Shun

Kadou Shun Coat 3

“I only … wanted to be friends with Saki-kun.” – Kaidou Shun

Kadou Shun Coat 4

“Come with me, Saki … I feel some ominous air coming from the city.” – Kaidou Shun

Kadou Shun Boli 5

“I will not let this happen. I will protect the world! Because I’m Jet-Black Wings. “- Kaidou Shun

3. Kokomi Teruhashi Quotes

kokomi teruhashi dialect

“If they leave me untouched food, they cannot call me an ideal woman.” – Kokum Teruhashi

kokomi teruhashi quotes 1

“I never knew I was such an important presence of Saki-kun.” – Kokomi Teruhashi

kokomi teruhashi quotes 2

“Life is in very easy mode. This is all because I am very beautiful. ”- Kokomi Teruhashi

kokomi teruhashi quotes 3

“It would be even more fun if Saki were here … Well, even if he came to a place like this, I’m sure he would just be sitting there with a blank expression on his face.” – Kokomi Teruhashi

kokomi quotes teruhashi 4

“At first I didn’t like him very much because he didn’t react the way I wanted him to … and I started trying to get back at him … but by the time I realized it, I’d Time was thinking of him. ” – Kokomi Teruhashi

4. Chyo Yumehra Bhava

Chyo Yomhara dialect

“If you are afraid of love, just gather your courage!” – Chyo Yomhara

5. Nendou Ricky Quotes

Nendou Rikki Boli

“Well, since it was my first kiss, can you go easy on me?” – Sleepy Ricky

Nandou ricky quotes 1

“Let’s go have some dinner, partner!” – Sleepy Ricky

Nandou ricky quotes 2

“Partner! You will stop befriending people like this! I am saying this as my best friend, trust me!” – Nindou Ricky

6. Kurumi Saki Quotes

Kurumi Saki Boli

“Use your power for really annoying and really kind people, okay?” – Kurumi Saki

7. Hiro Kinshi Quotes

Hiro Kinshi Boli ४

“Nondou Rikki, I have fallen for your principles in life.” – Hiro Kinshi

Hiro Kinshi Boli 1

“Come on! Give everything you’ve got! It’s okay to act like children !! Let’s regain the innocence of youth !! Come, let’s get this together!” – Hiro Kinshi

Hiro Kinshi Boli 2

“A formidable rival is like a good friend. I hope I find someone like that. “- Hiro Kinshi

Hiro Kinshi Boli 3

“Why are you giving!” can you do this. Cold is just a matter of mind! “- Hiro Kinshi


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