4 Characteristics Of A Guy Who Knows How To Love A Girl Properly

There are plenty of men in this life who believe that they want to get into relationships with strong and independent women. And there’s typically nothing wrong with that. However, a lot of these men don’t really know how to love the women they so desperately want for themselves.

It’s really different when you just want to be with a strong woman and when you’re in an actual relationship with one. These men claim that they only want to be with strong and independent women, but the moment that they get into the relationship, they try to quell everything about her that makes her a strong woman, to begin with.

And that’s the great irony of it all. These are the kinds of men who aren’t really deserving of strong and independent women.

And no, you shouldn’t envision strong women to be the kind of girls who are always bitchy, annoying, abrasive, angry, and controlling. And there are some men who really understand that.

There are really going to be some men who are fully capable and ready to be in genuinely loving relationships with strong and independent women. These are the men who are actually secure and strong enough to never feel threatened by the women that they date.

A strong woman isn’t going to want to be with a man who is only going to treat her like some mere afterthought. She isn’t going to want to be with a guy who is only going to treat her like an option or backup plan. She wants to be with a guy who she knows she can always rely on.

She wants to be with a genuine partner who is going to help her through life’s various challenges. She wants to be with a guy who can really be a true life partner. And if you’re a guy who wants to get into a relationship with a strong girl, then you need to make sure that you have a very strong personality yourself.

There are certain traits and characteristics that you need to have in order for you to be in a happy and healthy relationship with a strong woman. And you need to make sure that you have a lot of these traits if you’re going to get with a girl like her. If you want to get her to fall in love with you, then you need to be like this kind of guy:

1. He needs to know where he’s going in life.

He has to be the kind of guy who has a plan for his life. He always needs to have direction and structure. No strong woman is ever going to want to be with a guy who is just wayward and volatile in life.

Strong women will only want to be with men who have goals and dreams; men who aren’t merely looking to coast. He has to be the kind of guy who isn’t just content with going with the flow. He is a trailblazer. He is a trendsetter. He is someone who takes control of his own life and who goes after everything that he wants in this world.

2. He has to assert his leadership.

He has to be a guy who goes toe to toe with her. A strong woman is never going to have any respect for a spineless man who can’t stand up for himself. He can’t let her make all of the decisions in the relationship.

He has to show the willingness, drive, and initiative to actually take control of the wheel every once in a while. He has to be someone who doesn’t shy away from the pressures of the spotlight. He has to maintain  tact and composure under tension

3. He has to always have his woman’s back.

He must be the kind of guy who a strong woman can really come to rely on. Yes, she’s a strong and independent woman who can stand on her own two feet. However, that doesn’t mean that she’s going to settle for being with someone who isn’t going to have her back.

She isn’t going to settle for being with a man who she can’t bring herself to rely on. He must always prove himself to be a guy who can deliver. He must always show a certain sense of reliability and consistency. She would never want to be with a guy who she can’t feel like she can truly count on.

4. He has to let her be free and happy.

He must always be respectful of the fact that she is her own person. He must always be willing to acknowledge that she is a woman whose freedom must always be upheld and respected. He has to allow her to live her own life. He must protect her sense of individuality. He must always encourage her to be her true and genuine self.

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