5 Best CCleaner Alternative in 2020


Who does not need to have a computer or smartphone running quickly in the execution of tasks ? you may know CCleaner software which is very good but if you do not know it do not worry because I will give you a brief presentation of this utility too important to optimize your PC for free and in addition to This is a list of the best alternatives to CCleaner to make using your system (device) easier.

Optimizing your PC or any device means putting it in the right conditions for use, operation and performance by giving it better software (tools), in particular optimizing a computer will consist of making it faster by deleting files, traces internet browsing and unnecessary recordings. Let’s get to the heart of our topic today, which is to present you the alternatives to CCleaner to optimize your pc for free.

Optimize Your PC For Free With CCleaner

For a brief presentation CCleaner or Crap Cleaner is one of the best Piriform product (which has been bought since July 2017 by Avast Software), Piriform is a London company specialized in the creation of utility software like Recuva, Defraggler, Speccy and others.

CCleaner has the advantage of being available in several languages ​​in addition to being cross-platform because in addition to the Windows version (which has more functionality) there are other versions for MacOS X and Android.

CCleaner Free Features

In terms of functionality this tool has several aspects related to optimization, CCleaner allows you to:

  1. Delete unnecessary files by eliminating temporary files, the contents of the recycle bin, clipboard, fragment of files, shortcuts, history of automatic search entries, cookies, recent URLs and others.
  2. Correcting the registry records.
  3. Uninstall programs.
  4. Manage the automatic launch of programs at startup.
  5. Manage Windows restore points.
  6. Analyze and resolve disk issues.
  7. Check for duplicates in your files.
  8. Clean up free space and stale entries from the MFT (Master File Table or Master File Table which is a component of the NTFS file system)

It is no longer necessary to tell you that it is too important a utility for Optimizing your PC or Smartphone, CCleaner has a simple interface, it is too easy to use but however it is not alone in its category because there are several other optimization software and I am going to present the best alternatives to CCleaner for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Advantage Of CCleaner Alternative

You may be wondering what can be the advantages of alternatives to CCleaner to optimize your computer while the utility installed on your device works wonderfully.

1. AVG TuneUp Clean & Speed Up Your PC

AVG TuneUp

The AVG firm allows some applications to optimize, clean your PC but also the development of security software. TuneUP Utilities is another application for optimizing your Windows computer with some different versions available for macOS, iOS, Android.

2. CleanMyMac Make Your Mac As Good As New


It was time to perform an optimization application dedicated to Mac. CleanMyMac is too essential a utility for fans of Apple products, especially the MacBook, as said before, and here is the application site. Unfortunately, I am obliged to report this CleanMyMac software to optimize its MAC is paying like most of the apps for Apple products. Rejoice a little because a free version is available although offering few features, which is entirely reasonable.

3. Wise Registry Cleaner and Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner

Two applications to optimize your PC with an existing version for Mobile Android. Here are the download links for these utilities:

  • Wise Registry Cleaner
  • Wise Disk Cleaner
  • Mobile version for Android

4. Clean Android With Clean Master

Clean Master

The best alternative application to CCleaner for Optimizing and Cleaning an Android device is Clean Master which I have personally tried. It is available on the Google Play Store.

5. BleachBit Clean Your System and Free Disk Space

BleachBit Clean

One of the alternatives to CCleaner developed by Andrew Ziem in 2008, originally designed for GNU / Linux users, is currently cross-platform as there are currently versions of the software running under MacOS and Windows. And has the following advantages:

  1. Identify and delete web caches, cookies, URL history, temporary files from your browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.)
  2. Clean up unallocated disk space to improve the data compression ratio of backup disk images.
  3. Destroy and clean up unallocated disk space to minimize data retention.
  4. A command line interface for all automation.

The following applications below allow you to do almost the same tasks. And I will not go into more detail about their operations because you know that the main objective of this publication and to give you a list of applications to accelerate your system, whether macOS, Windows, iOS, or Android.