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After the Cliffhanger scene at the end of the series, fans have many questions for their new favorite characters! Luckily for them, Lily Collins will return next year with ‘Emily in Paris’ season 2 to answer them all.

After a long wait, Netflix Finally announced Renovation of ‘Emily in Paris’! Fans are now gearing up to watch the entire cast and the crew continue their Paris adventure next year and are expected to bring answers to those questions with Season 1 as well.


  • Will Sylvie and Emily Be Friends?
  • Will Mindy Become Famous?
  • Will Gabriel and Emily end up together?

Stylish Lily Collins will return as Emily, the ambitious, twenty-something marketing executive who brings an American perspective to Savor, a marketing firm in Paris. The series is produced by Darren Starr, widely known for his work in ‘Beverly Hills 90210’.Melrose Place‘, And’sex and the City’.

Emily in paris‘Was an escape for fans of the romantic-comedy genre, who were waiting for the show’s premiere. Spanning just 10 episodes, the show is extremely engaging and presents the stunning landscape of Paris.

Lily Collins stars Ellie Park with Emily as her BFF Mindy and Lucas Bravo aka Hot Chef Gabriel. There Camille Razat, Emily’s Paris BFF Camille, and her boss Sylvie, played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, is the legendary French female avatar.

The fun ending left us with many questions about the fate of these characters, so keep reading to learn about the 5 most important people!

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Will Sylvie and Emily Be Friends?

As Emily steps into Savoy’s office, she becomes a source of office TMT and jokes. Her colleagues eventually warmed to her, but not to her owner, Sylvie. When Emily arrives in Paris, she is excited and thrilled for new adventures in her life, but her boss ensures that it is not easy.

Sylvie does not believe Emily is suitable for luxury brands and often tries to express that she is unwanted in the office. Emily proves him wrong every time And repeatedly expresses his genuine admiration for her, but they are rarely friendly.

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Perhaps this is because the new ideas have frightened Sylvie and she is the authority about her work, and Emily does not even speak French. We hope the two can be friends ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 And go on Trip to disneyland Emily hoped they would move on!

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Will Mindy Become Famous?

Emily’s best friend aka Mindy is a scene-stealer, an incredibly talented singer and winning hearts in Paris. His musical talent on the show comes to light a little later, but does this mean that this is the beginning of his fame?

Emily in Paris Season 2

Emily’s growing social media presence has been characteristic of her Parisian adventures with Mindy ever since they became friends. Her reckless attitude and killer fashion is enough to keep you hooked but a singing career… including concerts that means more fun!

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What is Antoine’s plan for Gabriel’s restaurant?

Gabriel’s Normandy plans changed completely when the wealthy investor and Sylvie’s lover Antoine stepped in to assist him. Seeing Antoine in the series, fans felt that he had ulterior motives where Emily was concerned.

He is a wealthy perfumer, so why is he joining the restaurant business? And even if he is, why not have a Michelin Star restaurant, which is more in his area? It will be interesting for fans to see if Antoine is doing this to help Gabrielle or he has big plans.

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What does Camille want to talk to Emily about?

Chain It ends with Emily receiving Camille’s message., Where he wanted to talk to Emily about something. It is not plausible for Kembil to know about Gabriel and Emily, so what is it about?

Maybe Gabriel informs Camille that she is not going to Paris, but she doesn’t want to see him again … because she has feelings for Emily? On the other hand, our Chicago resident Emily is going on a trip St. Tropez with Matthew Cadault, So season 2 will likely be two men searched for her heart.

Maybe there is Another romantic interest Waiting for ‘Emily in Paris’ season 2? We can’t wait to find out.

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Will Gabriel and Emily end up together?

Everyone can feel Spark between gabriel and emily … even Sylvie! Their meeting was unexpected and came as a surprise to fans as Emily and Camille are good friends. However, it is true that Gabriel and Camille broke up and acted on his feelings only because he was leaving Paris.

The Finale episode has confirmed that Gabriel is not going anywhere, so it would be fun to see how Emily deals with the situation. Should the news slip by accident or Gabriel and Emily continue to keep their feelings secret for each other, Season 2 will definitely find out.

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