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The first season of ‘The Witcher’ came to an end months ago, but that hasn’t stopped fans from seeking answers to all the questions that were left with them.

It was only last year when Henry Cavill donates Geralt’s armor to Rivia, A yellow haired, Pale eyed. This was a pleasant change from his previous role of the red-capped Superman in the DC Extended Universe! Since playing the role of Superman, Henry Cavill has taken on more complex roles, putting his acting skills not only on display but also on his muscles. He was Sherlock Holmes In hit netflix movieEnola Homes’, But he won hearts as’ The Witcher’. The adaptation is based on the fantasy novel series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and a video game of the same name. The first season introduced us to the lead characters aka Geralt, Yenifer the Sorceress (Anya Shalotra), And Princess Giri (Freya Allen).

main characteristics –

  • Did Weinfer actually die in ‘The Witcher’?
  • What is the relationship between Geralt and Giri?
  • What was Geralt’s last wish?

The end of the series is still unknown as it does things differently and is not fully adapted from the books. This is only the beginning but The Witcher Season 1 has left fans with some shining questions they can’t wait to get answers to. As we discuss the 5 biggest, keep reading!

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Did Weinfer actually die in ‘The Witcher’?

One of the biggest cliffhangers the first season has left us is the fate of Yanfer’s enchantress! Fans were disputed about whether the character would come alive ‘The Witcher ‘Season 2, But is now certain of his return. It initially appeared that he sacrificed his life during the Battle of Sodan by exposing his chaos, but this is just a possibility. Maybe Yanfer needs some time to overcome the fire after setting fire with his powers?

5 Burning Questions ‘The Witch’ Fan Needs Answers

There is a chance that she may actually be dead, but she can be resurrected! It has been clarified that there is magic in this universe, so we will not be surprised to see so. Season 2 can also be noted Yennefer Trying to find a purpose in life, and will tell fans if she is still finding a way for her own children.

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What is the relationship between Geralt and Giri?

Fans know that Geralt and Carrie’s fate has been linked, they don’t know how it is. Prophecy was revealed in episode 7, with the series being able to cause an apocalypse, hinting at the powers of Siri. There is a lot of mystery surrounding that plot, and it is also made up of ‘To jam‘Fans wonder if Geralt can coach Siri in the future.

It has also been suspected Giri became a female witch Which, at the moment, is unlikely but seems season 2 trace it! Destiny has been an underlying theme of the series and will certainly make an appearance in the upcoming season.

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How powerful is Giri?

Is one of the Giri ‘The Witcher’ the most powerful figures in the universe, But the extent of his powers is unknown. She has Elder Blood, which means that she has powerful magic that can make her discharge a high level of energy.

We have seen how deadly his abilities can be, but more than he can see. Fans know that the series is important to the story, but no one knows how much. The young princess is afraid of her abilities and the consequences they may have, but a new season might learn her. Fans are also curious about the prediction announced by Giri during his rudeness towards Giri The Witcher Season 1 End.

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What happened after the big battle of Soden Hill?

After the sacrifice of Eugèfer, a battle was seen between the victory for the ancestors and the Nilfgaardian Empire. ‘The Witcher’ did not depict the outcome of the fight, although fans were expected to watch. So, what happened to Nilfgaardian after losing? When they least expect if they are preparing to attack again? ‘The Witchers season 2 has to answer that question.

If they are preparing their army to attack once again in the north, will the savior be able to play in time? Fans are expecting the upcoming season to shed some light after the events of the fight.

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What was Geralt’s last wish?

In episode 5 of the series, Geralt is granted three wishes after owning a genie. The first two wishes are revealed and we know that he played a role in saving Yanfer’s life, but what about the third?

Fans have every kind of theory about what Geralt asked for. While fans of the show are still waiting for the song to be wished for during the new season, fans of the book are sure it has something to do with Yennfer’s dying. This is a mystery in both Netflix adaptations and fantasy novels, but maybe season 2 will bring some clarity!

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What questions do you want to see answered in ‘The Witcher’ season 2? Tell us in the comments!

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