5 Indian Dark Comedies Every Genre Fan Must See

Dark comedy is a great way to poke fun at subjects that are usually introduced lightly. Many people do not understand the imagination and symbolism behind it, that is why you will not inform the public about it. This is another reason why Bollywood has tried to clean up films with such themes, but we give you something that is worth watching if you call yourself a fan of the genre.


It is one of the most relatively unknown as it was released in the early 2000s and though it featured a cast with a fascinating storyline. The once famous celebrity has given a commendable performance as Paresh Rawal’s choice as opportunistic and Naseeruddin Shah.
While some of the scenes in this film may seem a bit bizarre and make you remember that you should also remember that it was made at a time when people were not receptive to this kind of material, and thus the filmmakers never got Did not dare to do all this. .

7 Khon Pardon
Forgive 7 blood

7 Khoon Pardon Ruskin Bond is a film based on the novel written by Susanna’s seven wives. It is a story of how a woman goes through a fine collection of men, who try to find her true love, but regrets that she only entertains her after breaking hearts in every corner.
Priyanka Chopra plays Femme Fetley which becomes fatal when she finds out that her man is trying to use her for the opposite purposes. All her seven husbands have a unique feature, which shows the toxicity inherent in society as well as toxic masculinity.



Irrfan Khan steals the limelight with this film as he is depicted as a middle-class man trying to end up with a dead-end job. Things take a turn when she learns that his wife is having an affair with someone else, but instead of confronting her, she unanimously tries to withdraw money from her boyfriend.
This small decision sets out a series of events that will take you on a roller coaster ride to see how many characters react to a sudden coming prediction about where they are placed.



Kalakandi is another risk that they do best, with the risk taken by other talented actors like Deepak Dobriyal and Vijay Raj by the supremely talented Saif Ali Khan. (Performing admirably)

Kalkadi explores love, greed, betrayal and mortality through his impressive imagination and plot. Kaalakandi is the brainchild of Akshat Verma who has written as well as not directed the film that he is also an executive producer.


This crazy story revolves around how a robber forgets where he has kept the money, and his companions are pressing his neck as he worked hard for the money. Will they get their money or not?

It is a fascinating watch, especially with a dark and melancholy backdrop that mirrors the comedy of errors occurring on screen. Emraan Hashmi gives a commendable performance as the robber does not seem to know what is going on around him.

While we may not have a truckload of films in this genre, one must try the fact that Indian cinema is trying to make films and stories coming from a new genre. These films may be far from perfect, but I hope you can give them a try as she will show off on such off-beat themes to create a cinematic experience.

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