5 soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu, who were martyred in gallon violence, were awarded Gallantry Medals on Army Day.

In the final 12 months of 15 June, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) tried to seize the Galvan Valley in Ladakh. In this halt, 5 Indian soldiers including Colonel B Santosh Babu of 16 Bihar Battalion were martyred. These martyrs will be honored with gallantry medals on this 12-month Miracle Day. Although the Ministry of Defense and the Indian Army have not told anything about the diversity of the medal, Hindustan Times has received information that two officers and three soldiers who were martyred in Galvan are to be honored.

Please tell {that} in this deadlock the whole 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, though after suffering heavy losses of the Chinese army. Although the PLA did not disclose the diversity of its hapless soldiers, the Indian Army’s estimate that day was mostly based on intelligence and communications, which indicated that more than 50 Chinese soldiers, including the battalion’s commanding officer, had been killed.

Indian troops retaliated when Chinese troops refused to move from a location close to Patrolling Point 14 in line with the settlement reached between the 2 international locations. The PLA soldiers were dressed with barbed wire sticks and spears. The amount of Indian troops was small, but managed to repel Chinese troops in a seven-hour battle along the Line of Actual Control. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in Ladakh soon after, paid tribute to the valor and valor of the army soldiers. PM Modi informed the army, “Bharat Mata’s enemies have spewed your fire.”

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