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On rare occasions, when the socially unhappy Sheldon Cooper exposed his human side, we undoubtedly blossomed! Here are the top heartfelt moments by Sheldon Cooper!

Dr. Sheldon Cooper was the quintessential genius on ‘The Big Bang Theory’Is played to the utmost perfection Jim parsons. Fans saw him as a child trapped in a man’s body and beat him up for throwing tantrums and regarded each person as his intellectual inferiority. He considered himself infallible and a better breed among humans. We felt bad for his friends when he glanced at them. Her preference for solitude lifestyle and inability to recognize social cues undoubtedly make her socially relaxed.

We thought Amy would hurt him in the end for loving him and would wait so patiently to respond. To see him repeating his airs over and over again, we were always ready for a self-centered Sheldon-like response Emotional moments in ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

main characteristics –

  • Sheldon Cooper Moment!
  • When Sheldon surprises Amy with “I Love You, too”
  • Arthur’s death and we see an emotional Sheldon
  • When Sheldon pulled out the ring box with the engagement ring
  • When Sheldon and Amy exchange vows

But, she surprised us with her unexpectedly passionate reaction in those moments. We believe, on the following unexpected scenes’Big bang theory‘, When Sheldon saw his human side, those moments touched our hearts. Let’s repeat five of them Unexpected Sheldon moments from ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

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When Sheldon surprises Amy with “I Love You, too”

Amy and Sheldon were moving at a snail’s pace, and fans and Amy didn’t expect Sheldon to steer his boat. After years of dating, Amy secretly wished Sheldon the way she felt for him. On most occasions, Sheldon’s behavior caused Amy to lose all such expectations from Sheldon.

But in one episode “The Prom Equivalency“In Season 8, Sheldon did something unexpected that Amy had a panic attack. This episode saw Sheldon have an apprehension, as the mating ritual was performed on prom night due to the pressure from all of them. She leaves everything and runs away to her room.

Sheldon Cooper Moments

Later, when Amy approaches him, Sheldon opens her and tells her “I really thought you looked very beautiful”. Amy tries to confess her feelings to him, making sure she won’t hear anything romantic from Sheldon. But before she can pronounce those three words, Sheldon stops her and says, “I love you too“. He added, “There is no denying I have feelings for you that cannot be explained in any other way”..

And then he explains his feelings scientifically, saying, “I briefly assumed I was a brain parasite, but it seems even more distant. The only conclusion was love ”. Amy, as well as the audience, was completely blown away with this supremely romantic Sheldon.

2/ 5

Arthur’s death and we see an emotional Sheldon

Sheldon and Leonard hit it off immediately when they met Arthur at a local pharmacy. They all had a mutual love for science, despite their vast age gaps. Arthur preferred Leonard’s company, Sheldon, but Sheldon considered him his ideal.

In the episode “Proton transmogrification“Arthur died. Leonard was unsure how Sheldon would take the news. He had on most occasions behaved like a child trapped in a man’s boy. Leonard was nervous. When Sheldon heard the news, he acted outwardly normal, but was crushed from the inside.

Arthur had dreams in his sleep. As soon as he got up, he did the unexpected. Sheldon embraces Leonard with all his might. This heart touching moment between two friends still melts our hearts.

3/ 5

When Sheldon pulled out the ring box with the engagement ring

Sheldon was skyping with a sad Amy in the titleCommitment determination“. Amy tells him directly that being his girlfriend is both physically and emotionally challenging. She has been incredibly patient over the years, making Sheldon strongly disagree.

It’s not easy to say because I love you, but I need some time to take a step back and reevaluate our situation“, An Ammy, which was enough in the end, Amy told Sheldon. Sheldon was opened after facing rejection, but he accepts it. He said goodbye and ended the call.

As the call ended, Sheldon was shown at her desk talking to her favorite doll, Golam. And then suddenly, he took out a ring box with an engagement ring. “Ok Golam, you are an expert on rings. What do i do with it? “Heartbreaker Sheldon said to Golam, ending the season on a huge rock.

4/ 5

When Sheldon finally got down on his knees

Sheldon and Amy dated for five years before they would “cohabit”. Their love deepened after the two came back together After Amy’s short break.

Later, in the tenth season, we saw Amy taking her to New Jersey for a few months for work. Episode in title “Long distance dysonance“We saw Dr. Sheldon’s old fan, Dr. Ramona was walking with them. The gang was convinced that Ramona had romanced Sheldon. But Sheldon remained elite. When he asked her about it, he kissed her.

Sheldon goes straight to the airport and Amy flees to see Farah Fowler and propose to him as soon as he opens the door. Fans went wild, Amy was in shock. Never before has Sheldon been so determined to retain Amy in his life.

5/ 5

When Sheldon and Amy exchange vows

Episode in title “The bow tie asymmetry“Finally came the moment when Sheldon and Amy were to be pronounced as husband and wife. When Amy and Sheldon exchange currency, Sheldon is overwhelmed by what Amy says that she is speechless for the first time in her life. He was at a loss of words, but his love for her sparked, surprisingly, the most romantic lines on TV. He begins his vows by saying,

“Amy … I really know what has been said, but at the moment, I’m not doing any work”, Sheldon Sayce. “I guess … I’m never by you. A good path, not in a lift in a tragic accident.”

And then he spoke the most romantic of all the lines,

“Even if I can’t tell you how I feel, I will spend my life showing you how much I love you”.

The more we misunderstand Sheldon, the more he will startle us by shining his emotional side. Please let us know your opinion about Sheldon Cooper in the comment box below.

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