7 easy and refreshing drinks you can do at home, try and beat the heat


The summer season is going on and we will at least agree that when you go out on summer days, you do not get sunshine. We become unwell with heat. Scorching heat causes sweating and dehydration and is why it is so important for your body to stay hydrated at all times.

Water is the most drinkable drink in this season, which cannot be replaced with anything else, but for the summer you can include some other things in your drink, which will keep your health as well as your health Will also help in keeping. quench thirst. If you are looking for a drink like this, then you are in the right place as we have prepared a list of some easy refreshing summer drinks that you can make immediately and that too at home.

10 cold drinks made in summer.  10 Summer Drinks in Hindi - NDTV Food Hindi

When it comes to summer coolers, we all know that water cumin, kokum juice, shikanji, lassi, mango panna and buttermilk are some of the best drinks that are easily available, but apart from these beverages, such There are many that you can easily find. And give your friends and family a better treat. So to get cool in this summer season, know some special mocktail-happy syrup is one of the most lip-smashing summer drinks that will keep you energized even during hot sunny days. Follow this video tutorial.

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