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Season 2: One Strange Rock is an American documentary series that airs on National Geographic. The show features internationally high-quality locations that tell the story of the world before the eyes of astronauts as they narrate their unique reviews of the planet and lightly shed tens of tens of events.

The developers of the display include television production company Nootopia, which is satisfactory for “America: The Story of Hum”.

A Funny Rock Season 2: Release Date

Season two of One Strange Rock is expected to premiere in March 2020 National Geographic.

One Strange Rock Season 2: Plot

The premiere of the show is to share their thoughts on Earth with astronauts, and they offer an explanation for how Earth’s device supports the thousands and thousands of lives that are bursting at it.

In the following episodes, we take a look at the formation of the Earth, which is a maximum essential component for being the unique planet in the Solar System, which is life.

The performance interprets the story and adjustment of the Earth and the way it has affected our planets and sources, as a human race, with our violence. The exhibit also touches on a thrilling question – does existence exist outside of this planet? Can creatures be removed from our planet, which is defining the meaning of lifestyle?

One Strange Rock Season 2

However, for the gigantic element, the audience is made to feel why life is the best on this planet as opposed to all odds, and visitors get a better insight into how the Earth and the Sun share a love-hate bond How are in proportion. The previous pair of episodes talk about the wonders of the human mind, along with the mind of Astronaut Peggy Whitson on the concept of homes.

One Strange Rock Season 2: Cast

The host of the show is Will Smith, a powerful Hollywood actor who tries to create irrelevant excitement inside the show. His unique style and charm create vibrancy for the show, it is completely cosmic and merges with the general theme of the show. Astronauts, professionals and other proclaimed personalities also increase the value of performance.

One Strange Rock Season 2: Trailer

No trailer for season 2 has arrived yet.

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