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Qingdao, China, Jan 11, 2021 On / PRNewswire / – 11 January, Fisher Yu, President of Hisense Visual Technology, first announced at Virtual CES that Hisense sold 25 million terminal display products in 2020, maintaining the first rank in the Chinese market. In 2021, HISENSE will focus on the core competencies of image quality and applications and will release the new ULED TV product with a higher refresh rate and dynamic range, as well as the new TriChroma Laser TV.

Picture quality is the foundation of TV products. Fisher Yu said, as the official sponsor of Euro 2020, We will bring a customized version Euro 2020 ULED U7 series for football fans around the world. HISENSE, which will launch new laser TV products at CES every year, launches TriChroma Laser TV products across the entire range from 75-inch to 300-inch, announcing the start of a new era of TriChroma Laser TV this year. Gone. Hisense new TriChroma laser TV adopts RGB laser light source architecture. Different color lasers are separately packaged and finely controlled, resulting in pure color performance. The product achieves 20% brightness enhancement at pixel-level and 430-night picture brightness. In addition, the TV’s highest color gamut standard can reach 107% BT2020, and color gamut coverage can reach 151% of the DCI-P3 film color standard, about 50% beyond high-end cinema.

Application is the soul of TV product. Fisher Yu stated that screens are important in rebuilding our lifestyles due to their unique value and function. In Challenging 2020, Hisense has focused on home entertainment, and launched products such as social TV, 8K Dual-screen TV and trichroma laser TV, which can support conference calls with thousands of callers. In 2021, Hisense will continue to expand on the function of large screens as the center of the smart home, allowing their application as a domestic social platform. Advanced Hisense social screen supports home office, online lectures, home care, AI fitness and a full range of social and business needs. Hisense’s eco-screen products are user-centric. They are based on the development of time and space in home life and are designed to cover a wide variety of elements of everyday life, including home education, office, leisure and recreation, life management, image management, and others. .

For example, Hisense has launched an eco-screen product for touch screen education in response to the rapid growth of children’s family education demands, realizing home-school interaction, homework guidance, mock tests and other educational models Can. Hisense’s home fitness screen products for fitness lovers support online courses and video sessions, AI guidance, and can record exercises along with personal fitness plans. Hisense also provides gamers with large screen gaming products that support console games, cloud games, and online games. Hisense will launch vehicle displays, transparent displays, and dual display screens, as well as home eco-screen products that will be able to provide community services such as remote medical consulting and community facility management. In addition, services such as travel navigation, education and distance meeting will be available.

At the same time, Hisense will continue to improve picture quality and experience with chip capabilities. Hisense will also mass produce 4K120Hz dual screen chip, 8K 120Hz picture quality processing chip, AISOC intelligent voice chip and AI vision SOC chip. The chips will be implemented on ULED TVs, which are selling high-definition TVs bringing an audio-visual shock beyond imagination to users. The advancement of modern display technology is defying the limitations of time, space and number of access devices. The screen will connect all services, social experiences and people. The ever-increasing picture quality and application experience reinforce the critical position of TV products, and also bring a rebound to the global TV market. Global TV giants are facing a new racetrack.

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