A Peak in Phil Robertson’s Life, How Worth He?

Phil Robertson or Phil Alexander Robertson, whom you may have seen in the Duck Dynasty, is also a reality TV star, a skilled businessman and a professional hunter.

She has received a masters degree in education and spent a few years as a teacher.


Robertson was born on April 24, 1946 in Vivian, Louisiana and is currently 74 years old. He graduated from Louisiana Tech University. He has been married to Marsha Kay Carrowave since 1996 and is the father of 5 children. Commercially, he is a hunter, businessman and reality TV star.

early life

Robertson was the third youngest of seven children of Merritt and James Robertson. His family was very poor and because of this he rarely bought any commodities. Instead grow or hunt your own food. They did not even have electricity or proper toilets.

Robertson recalled that it was in the 1950s that they lived as they did in the 1850s, but under no circumstances, he and his family were always happy.

Robertson was an athlete in high school, excelling in football, baseball and track. This led him to attend Louisiana Tech in Ruston on a football scholarship. Even he was approached to play football at the national level, but did not like hunting.

Robertson holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a master’s degree in education.

Phil robertson career

Robertson spent quite a few years as a teacher before deciding to become a professional fisherman. By 1975, he was running his own bar.

Later, he invented the duck commander call, which in his time was dissatisfied with the state of the duck call. The Duck Commander Company was incorporated in 1973 and today is a multi-million dollar business handled by Phil’s son Willie Robertson.
The A&E reality TV show Duck Commander, which aired from 2012 to 2017, covered Robertson’s life within Duck Commander.

Phil Robertson’s net worth

If we take Robertson’s business into consideration with his TV career, and don’t forget his hunting and teaching gigs, his estimated total wealth by 2020 is $ 10 million.

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