A Simple Murder Sony Live Web Series Review

Binged rating5/ 10

Ground level: A crime crime comedy which has more firecrackers

Rating: 5/10

Skin n swear: Clear and suggestive visual references, multiple sequences with strong language

Forum: Sony live Style: Crime, action, thriller

who is the story about?

A Simple Murder Sony Live Web Series Review

Priya, the daughter of Pran Dawas, a prominent politician, is eloping with her lover Usman. Pran values ​​his position and public image on blood and wants to end this mess as soon as possible. A contract killer is hired to kill his daughter. The married life of a struggling entrepreneur Manish and his wife Richa (who works in a private firm) is on the rocks. Richa is in an extramarital affair with her boss Rahul. Manish is inadvertently involved in a conspiracy to kill Pran’s daughter. All hell breaks loose when the wrong person is killed. How will Manish survive? Will their marriage survive the test of time?


The film’s cast are suitably cast, but their characterization leaves no room for surprise. The performances are passive, though they also feel basic, sluggish on some level. If there is one actor who rises above script / character deficiencies, it is Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub. He sees you as human in his character, his vulnerable aspects of a desperate husband looking for a luxurious life with his wife at any cost – he looks acceptable and even trustworthy. Sushant Singh is very good while he is summarized as a henchman with a certain prudence. Priya Anand marks her comeback in Hindi projects. Despite the script’s inability to round out the best of veteran actors like Yashpal Sharma, Ayaz Khan, Gopal Dutt and Vinay Verma, his screen presence comes in handy.


The crime comedy made in most parts of the world is more or less a cinematic translation of the popular quote ‘Money makes the world go round’ and is quite literal in its context A simple murder Too. Most of the characters in the show are captivating, the inter-personal relationship is a farce, they make decisions inspired by monetary greed, seeking their power and survival. The universe of crime-cones is compact (everyone collides with each other – calling it cinematic freedom) including socio-political commentary about living in an era where inter-religious marriage is called love-jihad. goes.

A Simple Murder Sony Live Web Series Review

The characters’ intentions are understood through a long voice as if the scenes were not enough. But somewhere, this is a show that is much more satisfied to live up to its genre tropes than to try to make something original. The characters seem far less familiar – a loyal good-hearted husband, a wife who betrays him, a creepy boss, a no-nonsense contract killer, a gullible honest cop, a cunning, evil cop and a powerful Politician. The situations evoke a sense of DGU Vu – the characters turning loyalty at the drop of a hat, stalking around a bag of cash being found at the site of the murder, the chase for a hard disk that contains merky details.

It is to the credit of filmmaker Sachin Pathak that despite these issues he keeps us engrossed in the show. The parallels drawn between a couple on the verge of separation and the use of graffiti in young, tense moments on the verge of marriage add a new dimension to storytelling. The use of the rat as a metaphor, a meta tool of using a film within a film (as a suggestive tool to drive the plot) has other aspects that keep you in conflict. The episodes are thankfully crisp, the screenplay is reasonably catchy.

A Simple Murder Sony Live Web Series Review

However, on an overall level A simple murder Lack are truly beats moments, powerhouse performances that make you lose track of time. The atmosphere seems bitter on a certain level and towards the end of the show, you don’t care about the plight of the various characters. Watching A Simple Murder is like being staple food – the taste and ingredients seem very familiar, monotonous and occasionally relaxing, but the routine is on your nerves and you’re longing for a menu change. A simple murder You can help kill time, but is it a story to tell?

Music and other departments?

A Simple Murder Sony Live Web Series Review

One cannot appreciate the background score more, if not for the constantly annoyed tone overs. The qualities of the set reflect the filmmaker’s temperament for visual storytelling and his ability to see the most basic elements at the metaphorical level. The dialogues serve the needs of the story, but are inconsistent at places, especially when you ‘have finger chips on your fingertip …. SUS fingerprint is not fingerprint.’ The scenes are cut sharply, wasting very little time to advance the story.

A Simple Murder Sony Live Web Series Review


Reasonably crisp episodes

Instantly filmed scene


Passive, familiar characters

A story as old as the hills

Did i enjoy it

In parts only

Would you recommend it?


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