A simple Murder Web Series is now available to watch on SonyLiv

In addition to Netflix, Prime Video, Zee5, another streaming service is back to entertain you this November 2020 with a new action crime thriller television web series, A simple murder, Now available for viewing SonyLiv Release date from midnight to 20 November 2020. Moviespie.com has everything you need to know about this amazing Sony live Chain A simple murder.

Who’s in the cast? The series has actors Mohammad zeeshan ayub Who plays Manish, while Priya Anand, Amit Sial, Sushant Singh have also played their important roles in the series.

What is Storyline? The story of a simple murder follows that Manish is assigned to kill someone. However, a mindless incident occurs and he kills the wrong person, who is Amit Sial’s girlfriend (Priya Anand). This causes trouble for Manish while Amit Sial wants to avenge his girlfriend’s death.

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How many episodes is a simple Murder TV series? The series now has a total of seven episodes available to stream.

How and where to see: The Simple Murder Web Series All episodes are now available to watch only on SonyLiv, which premieres on Friday, November 20, 2020 from midnight. Note that you will need SonyLiv’s subscription plan but you can watch Episode 1 absolutely free.

Our review: Should you watch it or leave it? A simple murder The web series has a simple storyline, nothing really new to consider the plot. A person kills someone’s girlfriend and is then filled with a rage and revenge. There is nothing special, unique, new in the plot of the series, but you will probably be very surprised if you are worth watching it then, if not it is just another useless series.

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