A statement from the Ministry of Youth and Sports regarding the national squash player, Mustafa Assal

In light of the complaint of the national squash player Mustafa Assal, the Ministry of Youth and Sports would like to clarify some of the steps that have been taken regarding the investigation of the incident and the disclosure of the circumstances through communication with all parties in the Egyptian Squash Federation and Al-Ahly Club, and the following has been found.:

The player Mostafa Assal is one of the Egyptian professional players and ranked first in the world in the game of squash within the competitions of the Professional Squash Players Organization (PSA) Thus, he competes with many players in the world, in the forefront of which are the Egyptian players who also lead the world rankings .

The Ministry communicated with Al-Ahly Club through a phone call between the Minister of Youth and Sports and Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly Club, regarding providing the Ministry with any evidence or evidence related to the matter and how to support the player as institutions..

A meeting was also held with the Egyptian Squash Federation, and all the details and circumstances of the incident were reviewed, and it was instructed to open an extensive investigation to reveal the aforementioned statement..

While it turned out that this complaint of the player is based mainly on what was issued by the Professional Squash Players Organization (PSA) By preventing his father from attending competitions for a period of 10 months after an investigation about the existence of some disputes with the organization or with the sponsors.

And that the ministry affirms its continued keenness to support and sponsor the player, especially in light of the player’s financial sponsorship from Ezz Steel Company, which does not contradict with the sponsorship of the Ezz Steel Bank. cib For other Egyptian players, which the Ministry is keen on, not only in the game of squash, but in all games and for all our heroes, especially the promising ones..

In addition to what was done with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport regarding the player obtaining a free scholarship and postponing his exams so that he can complete his studies, taking into account his international ties, and this represents one of the most important aspects of the care provided by the Ministry to its heroic children in the matter of completing their studies in cooperation with various universities. and educational academies.

In this context, the Ministry affirms its keenness and continuous support with all Egyptian heroes and providing them with everything necessary to represent their country in various forums and competitions, especially international ones, but without exerting any pressure on them in order to represent their country, based on the fact that this is a national duty and an honor that our heroes seek. In various forums, events and continental, international and Olympic sports tournaments, and confirms the keenness of Egyptian youth athletes to be part of the Egyptian teams in various games..

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