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Predicting the stock markets on the eve of Election Day is as much about facts as about personal confidence.

The prospect of increased taxes and its effects on corporate income can be a powerful factor in deciding electoral outcomes in the world’s most powerful democracy. With pole pundits being overdue to predict the outcome American presidential election, The concern on the face of the country’s investor community is huge. director Donald TrumpClaims that in the event of Joe Biden victory, “Stock market will crashIs par for the course. He has been on it since his visit to India in February. However, this can historically be dismissed as another ploy to increase paranoia in the markets. Almost always favored the incumbent. So, Trump may not be completely wrong either.

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Stock market collapse It has always been hotly debated in the United States. Trump has a reputation Fierce business pro. The US economy and its trade balance with other countries, especially with China, are probably the only things he really cares about. On his part, Biden also promised to promote a large spending spike to accelerate US economic growth. However, one fears Barack ObamaLike the tax hit is making the markets restless.

Like Obama, the possibility of tax increases is making the markets restless.

What do experts say

That trump is the one Cause for controversy There is no secret. His lack of ingenuity in the recently concluded presidential debate has led to much criticism in the press, with initial estimates showing Biden in the lead that he is belittling him. Now that the turnout is going well, Trump is doing all he can to keep his chances alive, including organizing carefully choreographed appearances in the swing states. While most experts have called him out on this, Trump is not merely a betting on the stock market downturn. Investment guru, Mark Mobius, stated that the US and global stocks “Real problems”If Trump didn’t make it. He wanted to say that he is “stating the facts” and his comments should not be taken as “a political statement”.

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The S&P 500 holds good despite the sell-off in the last few days. However, Mobius has claimed that it was only a matter of time before markets began to decline. He expects a “double-top” pattern, where the share price may decline after two consecutive peaks. Although critics may accuse Mobius of being on the Republican payroll, his case was thrown out by a bipartisan team of analysts J. P. MourganThe largest bank in the country by market capitalization.

Stock movements affected by US elections Tech | Image courtesy: NYSE

The S&P 500 is expected to grow by 13% upon Trump’s return to the White House, according to Dubravko Lacks-Bujas, the chief US equity strategist at the New York-based giant. On the other hand, the bank should largely predict the neutral effect that Biden should win.

The S&P 500 is expected to increase by 13% when Trump returns to the White House.

The tax wars

Like Mobius, JP Morgan researchers have Based on their assessment On the negative impact of Biden’s proposed tax increases. The former vice president has outlined an ambitious agenda that includes raising the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour and investing $ 2 trillion in renewable energy projects, making blue-collar jobs good while working well on U.S. commitments to cut greenhouse emissions Promote is included. Biden has also promised student loan debt forgiveness and college education membership. This would manifestly require drastic cuts in the tax provided by the current administration. The cost of this ambitious vision will be one Bitter pill for corporate America to swallow, If only in the short term.

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Trump has dismissed Biden’s plan as a gamble that would “put millions of American jobs at risk”. This attitude Can isolate voters In southern states like Louisiana and Texas where Trump is already in the lead. More importantly, while the impact of inflation on an economy is still recovering, the effects of the epidemic have yet to be determined by the Biden campaign. Biden’s move to raise the corporate tax rate to 28% – from 21% currently – is seen as unrealistic, even forcing US businesses to fall revenues. Closing of record number of workers. Under the new tax regime proposed by Bealth, wealthy American tax payers can expect up to 16%. Proponents argue that increasing tax rates does not automatically slow down the rate at which Americans save.

According to UC Berkeley Professor Emmanuel Saez, the effect of the tax increase is being exaggerated. He claims that someone “Negative impact on growthIn 2013, after Obama raised the tax rate. Trump argues that tax breaks for the wealthiest 1% of Americans may encourage investment is not ground in reality, argues Sage. Until income tax rates are raised by 60% or more, it has little impact on the earnings or savings potential of the wealthiest Americans.

Why Wall Street is not affected

Compared to Trump, Biden hopes to take a liberal stance on matters of national importance, including foreign policy and trade.

In an alternate reality, this predictive factor would have been overwhelmingly in favor of a Biden presidency. However, it is a fact that Trump’s tax cuts cost more money for businesses and are likely to be common Americans than Biden. Unlike the successive Democrat administration, Trump has expanded federal spending despite not having fiscal room to do so. This can be seen by the stock markets as evidence of better returns in the long term.

A stock market crash is inevitable if Biden wins.

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