A treat for K-drama fans, Kingdom Season 3 comes to Netflix! Hey, God!

Korean The play is becoming popular with every passing day, especially among Indians. Titles such as – Parasite, It’s OK not Be OK, Sweet Home, Crash Landing on You, etc. have achieved high levels of success. One such popular show ‘State’Coming back to Netflix with its third season!

The first season of Kingdom was, in fact, the first original Korean drama series on Netflix. Related to the political drama, horror and thriller genre, it premiered on 25 January 2019. It received nothing but positive reviews and acclaim, be it cinematography, cast and acting, story lines, and even costumes. Their ratings are unprecedented – Rotten Tomatoes 96% and IMDb 8.4 / 10. In addition, The New York Times called the Kingdom’s first season “the best international show of 2020”. The second season was on Netflix’s “Top 10 in India”. Wow!

Netflix’s official narration states that when strange rumors about his ailing king arrive, the crown prince is overtaken by a mysterious land. In season two, the Crown Prince tries to trace the origins of the zombie outbreak. In the end, he suffers his own death and the show ends with a major rock. All answers will be revealed in season three. Netflix plans to drop the third season in 2021 or early 2022. Stay tuned for further updates!

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