A Vadodara-based food startup – achieving an epidemic and business growth from Tech’s experience

Business Wire IndiaSucceeding in business amidst a global epidemic is not an easy task. The whole world experienced the truth in 2020. Everything we thought was normal. Many companies had to cease operations or close business overnight. Ordinary people lost their livelihoods; The society was imprisoned at home with health concerns.

A Vadodara-based food startup has managed to overcome the epidemic and achieved 10 times business growth in such a challenging time. This led to fairly well-settled business decisions and product launches.

For ten months, the lockdown forced people to remain confined in their homes, while restaurants and dining joints were closed. Food is an obvious choice to spice up our lives, everyone started experimenting at home cooking restaurant dishes. Ordinary people – food lovers, bachelor, mother or cheat cooks – were trying to become home cooks.

Sub dip People crave for healthy, nutritious and restaurant-style delicious food at home. They launched their new product line up owner. It is a brand of gourmet cooking sauces from cuisines around the world; Farm-ready with fresh ingredients; No color, flavor or harmful chemicals were added.

“Food is a sacred business, what we consume has a direct impact on the health of the consumer and therefore there is no room for error and use of inferior quality ingredients on whatever happens in our products.” – Dr. Deep Lodhari, Founder and Director of All the Dips

Baking cook sauces come in various world cuisines, ranging from North African Harissa Sauce to Jamaican Jerk Sauce and Chinese Kung Pao Sauce. The company strictly adheres to the principle quality over quantity. Only farm-fresh ingredients, obtained directly from farmers’ markets, are used to prepare beech sauce. The production of sauces in small batches ensures that the ingredients remain fresh and authentic. The products also taste equally, and the nutritional value remains intact.

So far beef cooking sauces are available in over 1000 supermarkets in 13 Indian states, contributing over 50% of All the Dips’ revenue. The company has an all-India reach — from Punjab to Kerala and Gujarat to Assam. All the Dips gets a direct-client business of business-to-business sales from traditional-distribution and modern business formats through its presence in online platforms. They also provide wholesale-supply products to various restaurants, caterers and hotels. The word-of-mouth promotions and the rectangles from satisfied customers helped the brand succeed.

To promote the Beechf brand, All the Dips is working with the best chefs in India, engaging consumers with social media interactions, regular online cooking contests and other fun activities. Sampling and tasting activities are also in full swing in retail stores, malls and societies. The founders plan to move internationally by launching the brand in the Southeast Asian and Middle East market soon.

All the Dips for 2021 aims to be the fastest growing company in the healthy foods and spices category, consolidating its presence in regions in Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities and becoming a national brand.

The story of All the Dips began in 2017 when Drs. Deep Lodhari and Mr. Dhawal Patel prepared a special batch of Hummus and Fresh Salsa and sold Rs 50,000 / – in a local market within just two days! Both these gentlemen share the madness and passion for good food from around the world; They believe that good food can change the way of life. Early success with Hummus led to All the Dips. In a short time the company was a huge success. It started supplying new dips from premium hummus, salsa, gakamole, cheese dips, aiolis and yogurt to premium supermarkets in 16 states. Then Kovid-19 happened. And his thriving business was shut down, stores and supermarkets closed. However, ingenuity and entrepreneurial zeal helped the company overcome the epidemic. The All Dips launched their gourmet cooking sauce brand owner For those wanting to cook delicious healthy restaurant-style dishes.

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