Aaja on AHA Video: Chiranjeevi gets a lot of emphasis

SamJam – Samantha Akkineni’s first digital venture has started streaming on the regional Telugu Exclusive TheMiracleTech app – AHA last week. AHA brought Happening Tollywood Hero, Vijay Devarakonda as a guest for the first episode. He goes on to kill Megastar Chiranjeevi for the next episode, killing him.

Some pictures of the show’s megastar have gone viral on social media and the hashtag #SamJam is trending in India. Chiranjeevi looks slim and stylish in a formal suit which has become a joy for fans. Chiranjeevi’s strategy seems to have got a much needed push. Aha And besides, it has come at the right time.

There are reports that the episode unfolds very well with Chiranjeevi’s spontaneous and independent answers to various questions posed by Samantha. The promo of the show will be out very soon. Until now, AHA had not committed to the release date of this episode.

Samantha has played an important role in Amazon Prime Video’s The Familyman 2, which is expected to premiere in December. Even though Familyman 2 is his first work, Samaj is released for the first time and this is his first TheMiracleTech project.

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