Accident caused by Khushboo Sundar’s car

Accident caused by Khushboo Sundar's car
Accident caused by Khushboo Sundar’s car

As per the latest update, South Indian film actress Khushbu Sundar Met with an accident near Melmarwathur. The news has been confirmed by Khushbu Sundar after he shared some pictures of his damaged car on his Twitter and revealed that a tanker hit his car.

Actress Khushboo Sundar also said, “I am safe with the blessings of the fans and by the grace of God. Vel will continue his journey towards Cuddalore to participate in the Yatrati. Lord Murugan has saved us. My husband’s trust in God is seen. “

Khushboo Sundar requested the press to understand that one container entered her vehicle and not the other way. His car was moving in the right lane and this container came from somewhere and entered his vehicle. Police are investigating and interrogating the driver to deal with any dishonesty.

Khushboo Sundar was the national spokesperson of the Congress, who resigned from the primary membership of the party. Khushboo Sundar left the Congress in 2014 and joined DMK.

Khushbu Sundar made her debut as a child artist in the 1980 film The Burning Train. She later acted in Bollywood films as a child artist, starring Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Naseeb, ” Lawaris, ” Kalia, ‘and’ Bemisaal.

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