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Adhia Sharma has nepotism and has her own way of expressing it to her fans. Although it sounds funny and sarcastic, the idea behind it seems very serious and needs to be understood. Ada Sharma had created an account with the stuffed toy, which he named Radha, to convince the audience that when a celebrity is associated with someone. Originally, she was just to explain the concept of nepotism.

Funny enough, the audience response is exactly what he expected. Stuffed Toys has reached over 87,000 followers and has verified the account. This stuffed toy also got a role in a film. Radha of this Ada is also seen on the cover pictures with Ada.

Although the stuffed toy is attracting Radha’s attention, people have forgotten the reason behind the account. Several articles have been written about this particular stuffed toy and have been “seen doing so with Ada”. This is what Adha Sharma wanted to show to the audience, no matter whether the idiocy or the absurd acts of celebrities are bonkers on what people are shown.

It is a pity that this article by Ada Sharma has proved its point. Adah finds a way with funny words to tell her what fraternalism runs in the industry. His posts speak of how his stuffed toy Radha is going to get a Best Debut Award for being a Star Kid. Although calling it funny, Adah Sharma is speaking of topics that most people in the entertainment industry avoid doing.

Here’s wishing Radha luck of Adah for her future endeavors so that Adah Sharma can keep us posted.

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