After Tarak, stage plans for a holiday! – TheMiracleTech

Actor Junior NTR, along with his family, has recently gone to Dubai for a short vacation and is back in the city where Paparazzi clicks him at the airport.

Not just Tarak, but many other Tollywood actors are slowly skipping for the holidays. Recently, Mahesh Babu and his family also went to Mumbai and have returned.

Now, according to the latest report, it is said that Ram Charan Tej is also eyeing foreign travel with his wife Upasana. Friends seem to have talked enough and decided, as we hear that Charan is also planning to go to Dubai.

Dubai is the first country to have opened tourism in the midst of the COVID-1 era. Well, Charan is also busy with Acharya and RRR. Let us see if he can actually make time for a holiday.

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